BWE 8/22/18: Revolution Pro Summer Sizzler, World Of Sport, Doc Dean, NXT UK

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Martin Bushby & Benno are back to talk Revolution Pro Wrestling “Summer Sizzler 2018” (Walter Vs Tomohiro Ishii), the latest episodes of World Of Sport (Martin Kirby Vs Will Ospreay) and the upcoming shows from WWE NXT UK.

They are also joined on the show by Historian/Author John Lister to talk the life and career of Doc Dean.

Photo Courtesy: Revolution Pro Wrestling

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Thanks for answering my questions guys.
I’ve fallen into the same boat as many and have quickly fallen off World of Sport, as you guys have mentioned there is just too many issues going on to get behind it. I like it for the fact it’s given so many wrestlers exposure but the handling of the show is just too much to handle I find.

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