BWE Retro Edition: ROH Unified (2006)

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Benno & Jamesie welcome Joe Lemon from GRAPPL Spotlight to review Ring of Honor’s 2006 UK debut show, Unified.

They discuss all the highlights including Nigel McGuinness vs. Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. The Briscoe Brothers. They also chat about their own live experiences, their ROH fandom at the time, and how they all met one another due to this show.

The three also chat about the huge news of WWE’s massive cuts this week, with discussion of the likely impact on NXT UK, the firing of Drake Maverick and the WWE TV debut of Tim Thatcher.

Photos Courtesy: Ring of Honor

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What a great great listen that was. 3 hrs 26 minutes and 17 seconds of three mates chatting about their nostalgic experience of when they first met back in 2006.

I’m very much looking forward to a what I can already tell is going to be a very agitated and passionate Joe Lemon & JP on spotlight this weekend.

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I was at the show the following Day in Broxbourne where Bryan Danielson pulled double duty.

That show was my first real introduction to Indy Wrestling.

Will give this Pod a miss though.

We know from Vince’s underlings that as long as you keep watching,and talking about them, he feels he’s won. If you cover WWE after this, they’ll just says things like; See they’re still watching/talking about us. they couldn’t have really meant those things they said. It’s just another example of toxic fans.
Is this enough for you to finally forsake them? You don’t have to cover WWE.

Thanks for the feedback Tim. Unfortunately I’d say we do. We can’t really cover Brit Wres without talking NXT UK, the Takeovers and it’s impact on the scene, even if we have stopped bothering with the TV due to it’s meaningless nature.

On GRAPPL, we’re a bit more casual though and for the most part are only covering what we choose to watch ourselves, so WWE does get missed except for when one of us happens to have watched it, or there’s news like this. Unfortunately though, even if we ignore it, it won’t go away.