BWE: The History of WCW in Europe w/ Gary Michael Cappetta

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On a special BWE, Martin Bushby & Benno are joined by legendary announcer Gary Michael Cappetta to look back at The History of WCW in Europe.

They talk about WCW’s initial ‘Roar Power’ tour in 1991, the ”scissor fight” between Sid Vicious & Arn Anderson in 1993, the hellish schedule the wrestlers endured in Germany, and Gary recalls what it was like having to collect Mick Foley’s severed ear after he lost it in a match against Big Van Vader.

Martin & Benno also talk about the Hulkamania ‘94 tour, the infamous Nitro house show in Manchester that was headlined by The Mamalukes & The Harris Bros, WCW Thunder tapings, and The Millenium Final in Germany.

This show was originally recorded live as part of POST Podcast Day on the 3rd of April, 2021.

Photos Courtesy: WWE, GMC

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Benno on Twitter: @BensonRichardE

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