Café Hangout: Coronavirus & Pro Wrestling

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John Pollock and Wai Ting take your calls and discuss the latest surrounding COVID-19 and its effects on the wrestling world.

British Wrestling Experience’s Benno joins us to discuss Europe’s reaction to COVID-19, its impact on independent wrestling, and his experience travelling to wXw 16 Carat tournament this past weekend. (Click here to read his live report.)

We’re joined by Dr. Alex Patel, a Toronto-area critical care physician who has been closely monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic to discuss common questions and misconceptions about the disease. (Click here to read Alex’s contributions on our forum.)

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@Alex_Patel. The biggest face turn since Flair at Wrestle War ‘89.


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Great interviews fellas very proud to be apart of this community of all around good people, awesome work @Alex_Patel

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Alongside the “Owen’s final day” podcast, this is the best show that POST has ever done.

In an environment where, globally, our leadership continues to fail, shows like this are picking up the slack and doing work that isn’t your job, but is much appreciated.

Thank you to both of you, and to all of your guests for giving us the reality and for not sensationalising what’s happening.


I agree, it was a really great show. We shouldn’t have to tune into a wrestling show and hear about this kind of stuff, but it’s the reality right now and there’s no one I’d rather hear talk about it, than John & Wai.

Great interview with @Alex_Patel

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This show once again demonstrates why POST is the best in wrestling media at tackling stories like this. No bs, no over hype, just straight facts and good info that some of the mainstream seems to struggle with. This is up there with the guy’s show after the 2nd Saudi show and the Owen doc as the best I’ve heard in wrestling pods. Thank you John and Wai


Excellent show. I echo a lot of the same sentiments.

This may be Post Wrestling’s finest work. Despite Living in the Bay Area(California) I was somewhat in denial of the potential effects of covid 19 until the dominos started falling this week. Well, that’s all changed now.
I just want to thank John and Wai (and Dr. Alex Patel!) for going above and beyond their mission statement to deliver a measured, intelligent response to this global pandemic.
Keep up the brilliant work and stay safe!

PS, I hope this situation means we can retire the Naito spit spot forever. Always hated that.


Best hangout ever I was riveted. Thanks @wai0937 @johnpollock and of course @Alex_Patel

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