Café Hangout: Owen Hart documentary questions

On the Café Hangout on Thursday, I’ll be chatting about the Owen Hart documentary we put out and the process of putting it together.

If you have any feedback or questions, throw them into this thread and we will get to as many as we can.

The Café Hangout airs live Thursday at 3 pm Eastern for Double Double, Iced Capp & Espresso members. It will be available for everyone the following day.

Brandon from Oshawa

Was there someone you wanted to interview for this, that you were unable to for whatever reason?

Do you think you might get Jeff Marek sometime for a Hangout or maybe a roundtable?

Really great job on this and hope to hear more like it in the future.

Chris from Carlisle, England
First, thank you for the excellent show. There were some very interesting stories to come out of it. One that caught me off guard was Jeff Marek’s story of talking to Honky Tonk Man that night with him saying it was a work. Have you had any similar experiences over the years when talking to a wrestler?
Also who was the hardest interview for you to get and was there anything you found out about that day that surprised you?

Were you guys watching over the edge live when this happened?

You mentioned that Owen was scheduled to win the Intercontinental Championship that night from The Godfather.

I know most of these are just WHAT IFS but do you know of any other possible plans that were discussed for Owen going forward before his accident? King Of The Ring (June), SummerSlam (August), or even WrestleMania (April 2000)?

Jake from The Windy City

Thank you so much guys for doing this, the audio was just compelling to listen to.

As far as What ifs go, how long would you think Owen would have continued in the World Wrestling Federation? I think he would have fit in well with Jericho, Benoit, Guerrero, etc within the next year.

What were some of your favorite Owen matches?

Were there any interesting comments or stories that you left out because they didn’t fit the overall narrative you were working toward?

Incredible work on this. It was a tough listen emotionally for me but a great listen as well.

Thanks very much for doing such a great job on this, John. It was tough enough flashing back to that day as a fan who was watching, and I can’t imagine how difficult talking about this must have been for the interview subjects (though as Korderas said, maybe it helps as well).

In terms of choosing and editing subjects and quotes, what were your guiding principles and concerns? As is alluded to in the piece, there was a lot of very tasteless media coverage in the wake of Owen’s death, and I imagine trying to keep the piece from seeming ghoulish or exploitative while still getting at deeper truths and issues was a tough balance to strike.

Great work. Thank you. Made for one of my more emotional dog walking experiences.

Even though the product was hot at the time, after over the edge 1999, did you perceive, as I did, that many more people were taking a morbid curiosity in wwf and ended up sticking with it and do you know if this had any significant impact in wwfs ratings overall.