Café Hangout: WWE 2K20 reaction, AEW vs. NXT Week 4, Joker review

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John Pollock and Wai Ting discuss this week’s news including reactions to the glitch-filled release of WWE 2K20, AEW vs. NXT Week 4 ratings, Conor McGregor’s plans to fight in January, a report on Randy Couture, thoughts on this week’s NXT & NWA Power episodes, and our thoughts on “Joker”.

Plus, your calls about the week in wrestling and MMA news.


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Another fun Hangout, with the Wednesday Night Euphoria paired with talk about the video game. Glitches are one thing, but I saw a playthrough of this yesterday, and the wrestlers themselves look worse this year (most of them looking cross-eyed, a lot of them having the same shaped nose). I haven’t touched these games in ten years, as I am still a sucker for the AKI games on N64 (also the first two Def Jam fighting games that AKI also worked on).

To answer Hanzi’s question about Thomas Wayne, I’m a Batman fan, and I may have come across some interpretations of Thomas that were less than saintly, but I’m still reading the main Batman series, and Thomas Wayne has been one of the villains recently! There was an alternate history story called Flashpoint years ago, and in it, young Bruce was murdered in an ally instead of his parents, Thomas became Batman, and his mother MARTHA became the Joker. Somehow (likely related to the concurrent Doomsday Clock series, in which Watchmen characters have entered the DC Universe), this Flashpoint Batman (Thomas) has crossed over into the regular DC Universe, and he has teamed up with Bane to make Bruce’s life hell and take over Gotham City.

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Ever since Brandon in New Jersey asked if Damien Priest was supposed to be a nightclub owner it’s all I see of him now, I died when he asked if Tyler Bate was with him


A night club owner would be better than “The Archer of Infamy.” I mean why have archers in wrestling in the first place. You cannot use a bow and arrow in the match.

Having written this part of me now wants him to do a no DQ match and shoot someone with a bow an arrow. I mean not actually I just think it would be hilarious for him to walk out on the ramp and just shoot the guy in the ring who challenged him to a no DQ match.

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Wait, what? I know of the Flashpoint story, but why is Thomas now teaming with Bane to fuck with Bruce?

I’ve read most of the Batman run that Thomas Wayne has appeared in and i’ll admit its pretty confusing. But I think it comes down to he wants to stop Bruce from being Batman anymore and move on with his life.

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