Café Hangout: WWE Crown Jewel review, Q3 results, NXT & AEW ratings

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In a special Café Hangout “After Dark”, John Pollock and Wai Ting review the results of WWE Crown Jewel featuring the first women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia. We also take your calls and discuss WWE’s Q3 Earnings Results and last night’s NXT and AEW ratings.


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On the women’s match and why were they wearing shirts, I’m not trying to be funny but I think they didn’t want breasts and ass shaking in the ring so they wore extra long shirts

I don’t understand how some people get upset at Orange Cassidy cause they can’t take him seriously, but they can be fine with a tag team Tag Team Turmoil match that has top teams losing in under a minute.

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Because it’s 2019 and people are incredibly stupid and find any little thing to complain about.

What is happening today/tonight with Smackdown is exactly what I am trying to say on my call last night.

Given tons of advertising to an audience of 23 million people during game 7 of the World Series (and again on Thursday Night Football), it would be a safe assumption that WWE has an opportunity to draw viewers in. They are advertising Roman Reigns in a match. If Roman Reigns now cannot appear on Smackdown in a match tonight because he is stuck in Saudi Arabia, or even if that match is not what was being advertised, it validates any new viewers notion that they are not missing anything, or that WWE Smackdown is not worth their time. It actually reiterates alot of the negative reputations wrestling has. And this is repeated behavior of blowing any opportunity they have to grow a fan base or capitalize on their new found position on Broadcast TV with an incredible partner in FOX.

I’m a broken record but I am shocked that more industry folks have not made the connection yet that Vince McMahon, management, and WWE may be in way over their heads with the opportunity at hand. Running the same playbook, thinking card subject to change is acceptable in the Fox Era with all this money being invested in them. It’s jarring corporate behavior for a company w/ a 4.4 Billion Market Cap, and partners like FOX and NBCU paying premiums for them.

There is no excuse for this mishap. The fact they thought they could pull this off was reckless, and the fact it will backfire was totally foreseeable.

Yeah I don’t get the outrage given his current role. Now if guys like Omega and Moxley start selling his lazy kicks. Then I have an issue with it because although we all know wrestling is fake, I don’t want my nose rubbed in it by having things that fake. But as a glorified valet who does a spot or 2 it’s fine. He has a cool look, and is reasonably athletic.

@johnpollock - probably been told a million times - but The Irishman is playing at The Lightbox as of next weekend.


I was just about to post that :stuck_out_tongue:

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