Cagematch facing “troll ratings”, introduces delay in ability to rate matches

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Popular online wrestling database Cagematch is facing issues with “troll ratings” and is taking action to combat them.

In a statement, Matt Macks from Cagematch noted that last weekend, which featured WWE’s Night of Champions and AEW’s Double Or Nothing, had marked a low point for tribalism on the site.

The issue takes the form of ‘superfans’ of certain promotions giving artificially low ratings to rivals’ events. The site administrators are left having to remove these from the database.

To tackle the problem, Cagematch is trialing a system where visitors to the site cannot leave ratings or comments for a wrestling show until the next morning at 8.00 am ET.

The site is based in Europe, and the statement notes that site administrators need “to actually be awake to react to early ratings,” as these are often logged in the middle of the night in the Central European Timezone.

The statement notes:

this is a beta stage. Or trial phase, if you will. Let’s see how it works out. If it does not have the desired effect or all of you are 100% against it or there are compelling arguments against it, we will revert this change. But let’s see. I hope it will work out and reduce tribalism and reactionism, because it’s degrading the quality and fun for all of us.

Cagematch was founded in March 2001. It is a very popular destination for wrestling fans as a database of wrestlers, promotions, events, individual matches, etc.

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It’s unfortunate fans do this. I remember this was a problem here a few years back. Specifically, I remember the show where Big E won the IC title (around Xmas following football) and it was universally thought of as a great show. Right off the bat a few fans came on here and gave it a 1/10. Tribalism is pathetic in wrestling and it’s sad that people feel the urge to do this. This isn’t a knock on just WWE fans or just AEW fans, it’s the extremes on both sides.

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