Cain Velasquez discusses being out on bail, his in-ring return, Daniel Cormier/AAA interest

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A conversation with Cain Velasquez. 

Cain Velasquez is currently out of jail on $1 million bail. He was arrested on multiple charges, one of which included firing a weapon at Harry Goularte, who is being accused of molesting Velasquez’s then four-year-old child.

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion was granted permission to return to in-action in pro wrestling and he competed earlier this month for AAA in Arizona. Per the conditions of his bail, Velasquez had to wear a G.P.S. monitor and pay for a law enforcement officer to accompany him to Arizona for the trip. 

While at home, Velasquez was welcomed onto K100 w/ Konnan & Disco for their Christmas show. He showed his appreciation to the wrestling and MMA communities for their support throughout this period of his life. 

Yeah man, I did [see the support I got from the wrestling & MMA communities] and I have and I just wanna thank everyone. I truly appreciate everyone’s support in all of it. It means so much to me. It gave me a lot of strength when I was in there. So, yeah dude, I feel it and I just wanna thank everybody forever for that.

Konnan followed up on that response by asking Cain if he felt like he’d ever get out or if he thought he’d be serving time straight through. 

He stated that his mind leaned towards both sides at points but he kept faith and had the mindset of things are going to work out for the best. 

My mind ran like both sides of it [being positive about getting out versus thinking he’d be serving time straight through]. The bad side and the good side. It’s a thing, we always have to have faith, you know? It doesn’t matter what position we’re in, where we’re at. We always gotta look for the best-case scenario for us and just know that our lives are something much bigger and it’s all gonna work out for the best, always.

While in jail, Velasquez was in protective custody. He described it as ‘low-key’ and there were very few people he was allowed to be around. He added that the best part about it was he had a lot of alone time and that was also the worst part about it. 

They had me in protective custody. It was very low-key. Only a few people that I was able to kind of hang out with and I guess the good thing about it is you got a lot of alone time with yourself and the bad thing about it was you got a lot of alone time with yourself.

Moving on to the topic of Cain’s return to in-ring competition at AAA’s Tempe, Arizona show, he expressed that he puts a lot of pressure on himself. Velasquez mentioned that for eight months of being in custody, he had a ‘low way of thinking’. 

It was crazy man… Probably the worst I’ve ever felt physically, mentally doing something… I feel like there was such a standstill, my body and my mind. For eight months, just a low way of thinking, versus when you’re out there competing, it’s a different way of thinking, how your brain and your mind have to be firing so, I felt like I was probably in the worst-case scenario for myself that I’ve ever been in and I feel like I always do this, I put a lot of pressure on myself and I just wanna be ready when I go out there and you know, compete and when I did, went out there and did it dude, it was…

As far as Cain’s future in wrestling goes, he plans to do whatever he can. Fellow former UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier came to visit him and they discussed the idea of Cormier ‘doing something’ with AAA.

Konnan jumped in and expressed that he would love that. He added that AAA plans to do more in the U.S. and while he cannot provide more details, they’re working on a deal to get on television in the States. 

Velasquez: You know what? For me, it’s just doing what I can with it [he said about his future in wrestling]. I really do just have a great time out there. For me, it’s so fun, the whole thing. Working with the guys I’ve worked with, just doing all the stuff that we do out there. I really do love and enjoy it. Daniel Cormier was actually at my house yesterday, him and Luke Rockhold came over and D.C., we talked about doing a match as well. Doing something with me, him, AAA. So, for me man, it’s just good that I get to have my family involved in it. My kids get to watch it and they love it and they’re big fans of AAA and WWE. I’m just glad I get to bring my family into a sport that I’m doing now where with fighting, it wasn’t like that. I had to kind of shelter them throughout that whole thing. 

Konnan: Did he [Daniel Cormier] show you the tape when he was the referee in WWE? 

Velasquez: He did, he did. Yeah. 

Konnan: I was very surprised that he didn’t get involved. But yeah, we’d love to do something with you and DC. That would be great because you know, we’re gonna be doing more stuff in the United States and plus, I can’t get into details because we’ve been doing this for three years but, we’re talking with a network to get some TV. So that’ll be great. 

Daniel Cormier was the guest referee for Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins’ Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules. Following that match was the return of Bray Wyatt to WWE

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