Caller Nick

Nick mentioned a few weeks ago on RAS that he writes soccer columns on a website.Any idea what website it is? I’m a big soccer fan and Nick is a great caller so I’d like it to check out his columns.


@Nick_Govindan ?

Wow thank you so much for the compliment! Unfortunately I don’t write much anymore, although I’ve been eager to get back into it.

However, I do have a podcast that contains all of my soccer musings & opinions. It’s called Corner Kick & I’ve had the pleasure of co-hosting it with my two amazing collaborators Caleb (a former sports editor at the Yale Daily News) & Nathan (the current head of sports programming at WMUA here in Massachusetts). We release episodes weekly, occasionally dropping emergency pods when necessary. We cover just about every league & story you can think of, with plenty of deep rooted footy knowledge (& playful banter) to spare.

Here’s a link to our latest episode, & we’ll be releasing a new episode tomorrow morning!


Cool! I will check it out today. After Rewind a Raw that is.

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Nice - I’ll check this out.

Just to shameless jump onto this thread, I appear on a decently sized Manchester United podcast so if anyone is remotely interested give us a shout (Note, being a United fan would probably be a handy pre-requisite)

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This makes so much sense that Nick has a podcast. With the change in show time, Nick’s voice has replaced Neal’s as my favorite most soothing call of the night on Fridays. The back to back combo last week was a true simple pleasure :slight_smile: