Camerawork last night and the missed Golden Triangle

I don’t know what it was, but the camerawork missed a lot of the action last night. Kind of understandable in the last match, though. The camerawork was at the same level as JR calling the spots, last night.


Agree - definitely felt like an AXS live event not a New Japan show as far as TV production.

I wish they’d keep it more like the World presentation but my guess is they are at the mercy of AXS. I do hope Cuban and others from the network see feedback online (wrestling fans aren’t the silent type) and adjust because the characters and quality are really appealing.


I was getting frustrated a bit myself with how the camera work was presented. They seemed to cut away on big spots. Some instances I found the camera fighting the commentary, like JR would call something and the camera would be nowhere near the action.

Also, was it just me or were there occasions where the camera was actually tilted like 20-30 degrees?

I think AXS kind of dropped the ball on this one but luckily for me I was into the show so much that I quickly forgot about much of the bad direction from the production team.

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Agree that some spots were missed, but I wonder if the camera crew was provided by AXS or if it was the regular New Japan crew? It would have cut down on a lot of costs having a local camera crew do the show instead of flying in their own. I didn’t think it was too bad for a 4+ hour show.

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Watching the World feed was a bit jarring, where they were obviously cutting to commercials on AXS. Hearing Barnett curse and catch himself after the first match was funny. I also don’t have AXS, so it feels weird to have Josh and JR drop in for a random show. Amazing crowd though!

I cant remember the match, but I got pissed when the cameras were zooming in on one of the guys, just sitting in the corner, while action was going on in the middle of the ring. It was a bit ridiculous at times.