Captain Marvel - Feedback

I just saw Captain Marvel and I really enjoyed it. I would put in my Top 5 MCU movies. The plot, her back story, the characters, how she unleashes her true powers at the end, very badass. Very entertaining. The after credits scene had me wanting more.

Awesome movie. Story was amazing. Popped big for Stan Lee reading mallrats script. Can’t wait for endgame. Snoogins

Movie plot is flawed…but I don’t want to be labelled a woman hater so

This movies makes me miss Blockbuster so much.

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I thought Carol Danvers was accurately depicted. The trailer showed a lot of scenes from the first 5 minutes. Monica Rambeau’s actor needs to play Spectrum in CM2. Is there pro-aging technology for her?

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I think anyone can make salient points/constructively criticize any form of art. As a comic book film, I’m sure CM contains formulaic elements that don’t always hit.

Bringing that up shouldn’t castigate someone as a wonan-hater (Shout-Out to my boy Al Bundy & No Ma’am!). But hating on a film simply because the characters don’t appeal specifically to you or engaging in that dude-bro mentality of “girls/gays/minorities are taking our stuff” is counterproductive & detrimental for ALL comic/superhero nerds (who are a historically marginalized community themselves). :100:


Saw it last night and thought it was fairly decent. Really liked the chemistry between Danvers and Fury. The soundtrack was brilliant and felt the script had quite a Ragnorak/GOTG vibe to it with the comedy mixed with the seriousness. Wouldn’t say a top 5 MCU film but definitely in the top half. I have a list on my phone of all the movies in the order I liked them and it’s slotted in at number 8 after first watch.

Just saw it this morning and i got to say that while it wasn’t the best marvel movie out there, it was better then Black panther for me personally and a movie that i will want to get on blu ray when it comes out.

The thing is, i feel like maybe they tried to hold on the it’s release as long as they possibly could so that they could do justice to the character and find a way to introduce the character to a audience that probably aren’t really familiar to the character and on that aspect, they did a really good job with it. The swerve in the middle of the movie was really good as well and the post credit scene did what it needed to do since ‘‘Spoiler Alert’’ Captain marvel is one of the main characters in next months Avengers: Endgame.

So now that this movie is out of the way and we all know who captain marvel is, we can actually go out and wait a month to see how here story affect the story of Endgame and i for want can wait to see how the whole thing ends.

They are presenting Captain Marvel as the strongest character in the MCU. They presented Scarlet Witch as the strongest during Civil War. Knowing what Scarlet Witch at 100% can do (change reality, mind control among others), she would kick Captain Marvel’s bottom. It’s a very geeky discussion but I just wanted to point that out.

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Marvel sucks at 3rd acts tbh.

I am a bit late to the party, but just finally saw this last night. I am a very casual fan of Marvel and could not follow the plot in this. Maybe I needed to be paying closer attention, but the constant shifting between times and worlds threw me off. I liked the '90s nostalgia, Samuel Jackson, and the cat. The rest of the movie was meh.

It’s a decent popcorn movie. A bit goofy and light on plot and acting but the nostalgia was cool to see. It’s a fun movie

I finally saw it this weekend and really enjoyed it. The 90’s setting was a lot of fun and led to some good gags. Loved the soundtrack.

As a fan of the comics I was genuinely surprised when the Skrulls didn’t turn out to be (totally) bad guys and I ended up really liking them and rooting for them to escape.

And I thought this film had one of the better third acts of Marvel films because it did have a real ending with Captain Marvel choosing to go into space of her own free will.

If she had killed Ronan, there would have been no plot for the Guardians of the Galaxy.