Carmella cash in tonight.

So doesn’t this just kill all of the momentum and star power Charlotte has built up over the past several months. You had her beat the unbeatable at Mania wouldn’t logic be keep building her up as a super strong champion for a possible Rousey match lat in the year or next year’s Mania? For whatever reason this just leaves me in a rage at WWE booking. How can Charlotte be considered credible ever again at this point?


just watched a clip on it … boy that ref sure looked like a jabroni with the briefcase

Well I guess in a fair fight Charlotte would easily beat Carmella in the rematch … that’s why she will be drafted to RAW next Monday :wink:

And credible … she was just beaten down in 2 on 1. I was already wondering why this was such a long beatdown made sense though as soon as Carmella ran down the ramp.

RIP that titles relevance…you were high on the Mania card…now good luck being at Backlash.

@theCobra the ref was pretty good at adding to the tension of the story though… I -being hopeful for a sincere cash in- was getting very irritated with the close calls in recent days. The ref was extremely effective in ensuring that 'mella was indeed sincere in her intent to cash in the briefcase this evening…

Interesting call, @StevenStorm! Nia, Charlotte and Asuka may be on the same show making the RAW women’s’ championship relevant.

WrestleMania is over. It’s a reset. By next year, I guarantee that we will have forgotten about Carmella winning and Charlotte losing it tonight. I’m fine with it.

I know he was going for that. I thought it looked more like:

‘Oh, Hi Carmella, are you inviting me on vacation? You already have your suitcase packed?’
‘So you’re rejecting the offer and are saying NO DEAL? Would you like to select another suitcase then?’
‘You mean Cash In? Hold on, this doesn’t happen that often so let me check the rule book on procedure.’

Mission accomplish I suppose so all good.

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I think you missed this exchange:

“Do you promise I can get through TSA checks with this thing? Remember that time I agreed to carry Enzo’s bag through? You SWEAR???”

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Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is, it took the iconic duo beating Charlotte down for Carmella winning the title. So you didn’t killed any momentum Charlotte had from beating asuka on Sunday.

The story was told perfectly and you got your first successful cash in on the women’s side. Now it’s all about the chase for Charlotte if they decided to keep her on smackdown. I don’t see Carmella keeping the title for long and we will probably see Charlotte winning the belt back pretty soon.


Please don’t take this as a personal hit, but man you are over-thinking it! Charlotte and Asuka tore it up at Mania in what could be argued was match of the night and they both came out of that match looking better than when they went in. This whole segment, from Charlotte coming out to Carmella leaving was designed to put everyone over - Charlotte put over Asuka for taking her to the limit, the commentary team put them both over by stating what a great match it was, Iconic got themselves over with a scathing promo and then a vicious extended beat down that featured several mentions of the physical tole Sunday’s match had taken on Charlotte and how the numbers game only made it an even more impossible situation for her, Charlotte sold it like death and made the duo look bad-ass and them Carmella took advantage…

In fact the only thing that was shitty was Chioda taking forfuckingever to register the cash-in and ring the bell. It was almost enough time to make the one shot of offence look like not enough for the win and honestly, Charlotte should’ve called and audible and kicked out to take another kick because that was dumb - but I let it go because the beat down was a long one and a vicious one.

Everyone came out of this looking great and Charlotte can’t be damaged by this loss because of the fact that it was highlighted numerous times that she’d gone through the ringer on Sunday and then took a two-on-one beating from The Iconics that included a powerbomb on the outside of the ring. If you think this hurt her or wasted Asuka’s streak, you’re overthinking it and need to calm down.


An idea that could have happened, thinking about it, is that if they wanted to protect Charlotte then they could have drafted Carmella to Raw and have her cash in on Nia.

Thank you for expressing my every thought on this topic.

3 and a half years ago when Carmella was working at the salon, who would have thought that she’d be champion now, Big Cass would be kneeding a big push (no PAT awarded), and the Zo train would have been driven off of the Amtrak rails (hey, don’t boo me, boo the drivers).

All in all, this was great booking. Charlotte and Asuka rip it up on the big stage (and confirmed by the Postmarks’ voting), Billie and Peyton get a great debut post Mania (a together debut, Royce was in the battle royal), probably a main roster mentor, and 'Mella gets a nice ‘first time ever we’re making history woman’s cash in’ moment, and the title. We’ll see where it leads from here.

Somebody step in and leave it at Iconic, the Iconics or just Iconics is subpar.