Carmelo Hayes expects people to talk about his NXT Stand & Deliver match in the same respect as Rhodes vs. Reigns

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Hayes loves the position he’s in at the moment. 

Tonight’s episode of NXT on USA Network is the go-home show for Stand & Deliver this Saturday. Headlining the card is Bron Breakker defending the NXT Championship against Carmelo Hayes

Going into tonight’s NXT and this weekend’s Premium Live Event, Hayes guest appeared on Phil Strum’s Under the Ring podcast. During their chat, he stated that he’s loving the position he’s in.

He added that by the end of WrestleMania weekend, he expects people to speak about his match with Bron in the same respect as they could be for Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Title match at WrestleMania

Yeah, oh my God. I mean that’s been my mindset going into this match (against Bron Breakker) from the jump, you know? From immediately when it was announced, it was, hey, this is an opportunity to steal the weekend. Somebody had just asked me if I’m being in WrestleMania’s shadow with Stand & Deliver but nah, I don’t look at it (like that) at all. It’s like you got a bunch of big time matches happening that weekend and I consider this one-one of the top three and I don’t take that lightly, I don’t take that pressure lightly and I expect people to be talking about this in the same respect as they’re talking about Cody (Rhodes) and Roman (Reigns) by the end of WrestleMania weekend.

On the lead up to Hayes’ marquee matches, the barbershop segments with himself and Trick Williams air on NXT TV. ‘Organic’ is the word he used to describe the thought process of putting those segments together.

Thought process (for the NXT barbershop segments) is more or less just, how would we really do this? How would we really conversate about this upcoming event or this person in an entertaining way? And these barbershop segments, they’re small but they get us on TV and they get the point across. Sometimes, doing an in-ring promo isn’t always — you don’t always have to go stand in the ring and do a promo. This is a very creative way. I’m so happy we’re able to do this but yeah, it’s just very organic, it really is. The piecing it together and just chatting with each other, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll say that.’ ‘Oh yeah, you say that.’ ‘Aw, that sounds funny.’ ‘That’s good, that’s funny. What if I did this?’ You said that.’ We put it together like, all right, all right, let’s get it, quick.

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