Cary Silkin recalls Teddy Hart being banned from ROH because of Scramble Cage incident

Originally published at Cary Silkin recalls Teddy Hart being banned from ROH

Cary Silkin looks back on the history of Ring of Honor ahead of Final Battle.

This coming Saturday, Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view is taking place and the tagline is ‘The End of an Era’. After this show, Ring of Honor is going on hiatus until the spring of 2022 which is when the company plans on starting back up.

ROH ambassador and former company owner Cary Silkin was the most recent guest on the ROHStrong Podcast with Kevin Eck and the two reflected on some of their memories of and within Ring of Honor.

Silkin recounted the time when Teddy Hart’s belongings were removed from the locker room and he was banned from the company for multiple years for his moonsaults incident in November of 2003. Hart was part of a ‘Scramble Cage’ match and began to do unplanned moonsaults which forced talents to either catch him or let him land unprotected. Hart appeared for ROH in 2004 and did not return until 2009.

Well there was an incident back in 2003 where Teddy Hart gotten — you know about this?

Well it was him and everybody . But he took liberties. What did he do? People are gonna wanna know. There was some kind of crazy tag team match and Teddy Hart started doing backflips when the match was over, it wasn’t very professional. They threw his gear and his stuff out of the locker room but, you know Teddy Hart and it goes back to one of your early words of this podcast, there’s a lot of ‘resilience’. So yeah, after like a six or seven year ban, I guess he was let back.

Shortly after the incident, CM Punk took to his ‘LiveJournal’ page, wrote about the situation and detailed his thoughts about Teddy Hart. Below are several excerpts from the write-up:

Well folks, even sometimes I break rules. Today, I break rule number 411. I will talk about somebody, more importantly a subject, and will inturn, give said person undeserved press. COMPLETELY undeserved press, but I gotta be me…I gotta get this off my chest…. The following is from an interview that Teddy Annis recently conducted on an internerd radio show. I will post his half retarded comments in italics, then I will post the truth.

He thinks the ROH match that he was involved in was one of best matches ever in wrestling. He says that the match was great and the cheers from the fans had his adrenaline rushing. He had a little left in the tank after the match so he did not think that the fans got all of their money’s worth from Ted which is why he did the extra moves. He had a concussion after the match, but he is not using that as an excuse.

He did a 30 foot moonsault off the cage to the floor. He also did a shooting star press onto 3 guys and did a backflip off the ropes as a tribute to his uncle, the late Owen Hart. He states that anyone who has seen him in Calgary knows that he does the backflip tribute at the beginning and end of every one of his matches, win, lose or draw. The hosts say that they respect that he wanted to do a tribute, but ask how he can justify doing that in light of what was asked from him in the match.

This is where I could absolutely kill you. Owen Hart, fucking rest his soul, NEVER no sold a fucking thing in his life. You had just been in a CAGE MATCH. Summer Slam ’94, Bret vs. Owen. Awesome cage match. NO MOONSAULT. A good tribute for you to do for Owen would be to sell your boots on Ebay, you knuckle head. Better yet, just swallow some jacks. This business is dangerous enough. We, the boys, risk out lives enough. We don’t need a kid like you putting any of us in harms way more than we already are. All your post match bullshit was to get yourself over and ANY cost. You put “the three guys” you did a shooting star onto in SO much danger because they had no clue it was coming. You put yourself first, and others in danger, THIS, is why i’m even responding to all of this.

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Teddy Hart popped up again a few months after that Scramble Cage incident, appearing in the six-way opener for At Our Best (held during WM20 weekend in March 2004, in the same building - the RexPlex in Elizabeth, NJ - as the November '03 event), then he was gone until Final Battle '09.