Cash Wheeler arrested

Probably deserves it’s own the thread. Very disappointing to see before this huge PPV and not sure how the pending charges they let him into a new country

IMO Tony needs to make an example with him. Completely unacceptable to fuck up this badly before the “biggest show ever”. Fire his ass after he gets some help

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing you get help for. It sounds like he assaulted someone with a firearm. Like pistol whipped them or something. Doesn’t sound like a drug or alcohol issue - just incredibly insane. I hope he didn’t hurt someone.

I’m sure drugs or alcohol were involved. And it will at least make the company look like they care. After that fire his ass

I don’t know man you’re way more lenient than I am. I think, if drugs or alcohol cause you to overdose or drink and drive, or do something like that I can understand rehab and help.

But if you grab a gun and assault, somebody, that’s like saying, you basically almost killed somebody and I’m not sure there’s much sympathy for that. Like I’m sure Aaron Hernandez had drug and alcohol issues but they weren’t trying to get him help. I think you distance yourself from people that are committing felonies with armed guns and let the legal process play out. Sure you can offer them out but I don’t think there’s any need to stand behind these people.

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That could mean pistol whipping but I guess we we will see. Personally I would just can him but it’s Tony Khan and he’s friends with them so it will be soft

I wonder if AEW was aware of this mess.

If they weren’t, he’s gonna find himself in major trouble.

I’d say “Innocent, until proven guilty.” The nature of the crime hasn’t yet been made public. The incident happened at the end of July and he’s been on AEW tv the whole time. I’ll be slow to judge.

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The other thing to consider in all this mess is that it’s Florida. Could be a way to legally wiggle out of it

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This doesn’t sound good

I disagree. If all he did was flash the gun there is probably a way to get off with a misdemeanour or fine. Pistol whipping (which is what I assumed) would have been worst case scenario

It’s Florida, guns and Cash has no previous record. Also doesn’t seem like there was violence. We will see but I think he can avoid major punishment. They will definitely be losing at the show though

Based on the limited info that I’ve seen, it seems like it was a legally owned firearm, as there was no additional charge to indicate otherwise. So if that’s true, this feels like it will be nothing in the long run. Because Florida.

But yeah, if he’s on All In, I expect him to be the one counting the lights. Because carny justice is swift.


Why is flashing a gun called aggravated assault ? Doesn’t seem to make sense

I’m no lawyer but from what I understand, “assault” can take many forms. For example, if you raise your fist to someone in a punching way that makes them feel they’re about to be punched, I believe that can qualify as assault in many jurisdictions. If you actually hit them, that’s the “battery” aspect of “assault and battery.”

In this case, if he flashed a gun as a means of threat or intimidation, that alone could be considered an assault. Now as someone else said, Florida is pretty crazy so I imagine he can come up with a pretty compelling defense for their courts (ie: “He was coming right for me! I was scared for my life!” will probably get him off unless there is evidence proving otherwise).


Seems like he will be allowed to compete