Cash Wheeler arrested

There are a lot of knee jerk reactions out there right now. What Tony needs to do is just wait for all the info to come out, speak with Cash, speak with authorities (or at least read any public reports), and once all information is out at that point make a decision on how to handle things. Ignore all the know it alls on Twitter and message boards.


I don’t see why not. The man is still innocent until proven guilty, and it’s not like the evidence we’ve seen so far (none) is so damning that there’s no justification for him being on TV. Other professional athletes (looking at the NFL especially) play through open investigations all the time. Suspensions are usually only levied once clarity has been given to the legal proceedings.

I think the issue is more travel, and will they allow him to go to another country?

Yes, as of right now, that (and public perception) would be the biggest issue. The case itself is still subject to due process.

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The worst Warren Zevon song

Yeah what a badass. Brandishing a firearm for a traffic dispute

Got to love how he trolls the fans….so many taking the bait on twitter.