Cash Wheeler comments on AEW infighting: “We all need to do better”

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Cash Wheeler has made a rare public comment on recent frictions within AEW and the possible return of CM Punk.

Unlike his FTR tag partner Dax Harwood, Wheeler does not often weigh in publicly on anything controversial.

Harwood has a weekly podcast and has been very outspoken about wanting CM Punk to return to AEW. He took to Twitter this morning to state:

Woke up this morning reading a lot of bad stuff about me. I’m not sure why. Either way, hoping I lose my job, and my means of providing for my family ain’t it, though. It’s sad that everyday I have to remind myself social media isn’t real life.

Seemingly in response to this, Cash Wheeler later posted the following in a pair of tweets:

Dax is one of the best people you could ever meet. Passionate about wrestling and family. Protective over his friends, especially when people don’t know everything. He’s not afraid to speak up, and not do it anonymously. Honest to a fault.

We all need to do better to fix this situation. Everyone involved. No fingers pointed. No one is completely innocent. I respect everyone involved and want the best for AEW. I am tired of reading negativity from both sides, fans and wrestlers. Real life is more important. Enough.

 The comments come at the end of a week when there has been increasing expectation that CM Punk is on the cusp of a return to AEW.

I mean, it’s nice of him to say that and all - but Dax specifically has been stirring the pot non-stop for months.

The discourse around AEW lately has been absolutely annoying as all hell.

Mox said it best, whenever there’s cool stuff to talk about, everybody sidetracks it with bullshit.