casino battle royal - title shot!

They just announced that the winner will get the first title shot at AEW champ!

This is great - not just stupidity like the Andre battle royal. It also thankfully eliminates the chances that we see an idiot like Joey Ryan win this and instead it’s going to be a legit star.

So ?

  1. Who draws lucky 21?
  2. Who wins?

I feel personally that lucky 21 is a surprise who then wins it all.

I leaning to either CM Punk or Dean Ambrose. Outside chance it turns out to be Marty.

Should have put this in the AEW thread, we need more discussion in there.

I really don’t see a major name winning this. It is going on the preshow and I highly doubt someone like Ambrose or Punk would be put on the preshow. Unless they have plans to put this on a major network(whatever network they end up landing on with their weekly show).

Joey Ryan is exactly the type of guy I can see winning this. I’d put it down to him, Janela or MJF. Those seem to be the biggest stars in the match at this point(though I dont think Joey Ryan has been announced for it yet.)

Over complicated rule sets made for a match that should be simple enough that you don’t need to explain it beforehand…Classic Rhodes.