Cedric Alexander joins WWE NXT, Ashante 'Thee' Adonis meets with GM Ava

Originally published at Cedric Alexander joins WWE NXT, Ashante 'Thee' Adonis meets with GM Ava

Mr. Stone and Stevie Turner bringing in talents. 

Towards the backend of the 7/9 WWE NXT episode, General Manager Ava and her assistant Stevie Turner walked out of her office and behind them was Cedric Alexander. 

Alexander stated that he’s officially a part of NXT and Ava told the former Cruiserweight Champion that she’ll see him next week. She added that Stevie brought Alexander to her. 

Fellow assistant Mr. Stone then got on the phone and brought in Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis to meet with Ava. They all went back into her office. 

There was a point when Cedric and Ashante were a part of SmackDown. Vignettes were filmed with them as a duo and they aired on WWE TV and digital channels. They only competed in dark matches.

Cedric is a guy who should go to AEW. It’s been eight years dude, they are never going to give you a shot. Just move on

It definitely feels like everyone sent from the main roster to NXT are usually the ones on the chopping block. Scrypts, Mustafa Ali, Dana Brooke, Dabba Kato, Dijak, and Drew Gulak to a lesser extent as he probably had a lot going against him.

I know Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews came back but they hadn’t done too much with them.

Cedric does need a new coat of paint but there might be a burnt bridge with AEW in relation to his wife, Big Swole, unless things are worked out. I’m not sure what the future holds for guys like Gallows and Anderson.

Made me think of this - x.com

I completely blocked out the masked Cedric janitor gimmick out of my mind. 2019 WWE was just so pathetic

All true, but there have also been some guys who improved their stock. Finn Balor was send down a few years back and came back to a prominent role. Humberto and Angel also came back to a spot that was greater than when they left.

I definitely don’t ever see Alexander being pushed as a huge star, but it could be a positive. I’d say his ceiling is where Humberto and Angel are currently.

I’m not one to immediately blame Vince for everything pre-2023. But there is no believable explanation for that other than that it got booked with Roman and Cedric winning, then Vince inexplicably changed the finish (and subsequently buried Cedric).

Would Cedric be open to AEW after they fired his wife, Big Swole, a few years ago?

No clue. But the writing is on the wall that he isn’t long for WWE and there are only so many places you can make a living.

And I don’t think Swole was fired, it was a contract expiration. TK trashed her after it expired


She left because she felt AEW had a lack of diversity and then Tony took cheap shots at her for speaking out. She wasn’t fired.

Noted. Thanks guys.

I would imagine there could still be heat there, so Cedric may or may not be concerned about going there.