Cena vs Undertaker

So, what if this angle with Cena and Taker is building to a career vs career match at Wrestlemania next year? I’m not basing this on anything and don’t have any insider knowledge but I think having some kind of big angle Sunday at Wrestlemania to set up the match at next year’s Wrestlemania would be really good! You could do a year long build for it and have both guys put their career on the line at Wrestlemania 35? I think this would be a great idea! What does everyone else think?

I’m beginning to think it’s not happening on Sunday. So frustrating if it is, part of the excitement just now is anticipating the matches and we’re deprived of that for this one just now.

Vince wouldn’t build this up and dedicate TV time to it if it were not going to happen at WM34.

For what reason would they not announce it prior though? All very strange.

so it would be a Surprise!

It won’t be a surprise though. Everyone’s expecting it. People will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

I think the fact that Taker did not appear before WM on tv plus the fact that Kid Rock is going to be there, then we will see the return of Biker Taker come out with Kid Rock playing him in, that will be the surprise. Not saying it is good.

I wouldn’t go with Career vs Career. But for his last Wrestlemania match, Taker should go over Cena.

Cena will be out to announce the attendance and be interrupted by Kid Rock/Taker

I’m afraid this match will be dreadful. I’m kinda hoping it doesn’t happen.

Taker had an entire year to work with his new hip, he didn’t have that luxury last year. And Cena is one of the best going. Match should be fine.

If it doesn’t close the show then it’ll be fine, I think Taker got a lot more focus last year because he was the main event with Roman.