Champions for the Ages(FORUM GAME)

I thought a game of guessing other forumites month & year of birth based on wrestlers who were current champions on the day they were born might be fun so here goes.

The Rules:
Post 3 wrestling champions & the championships they held on the day of your birth(pictures welcome)
All major promotions from around the world can be used & feel free to mix & match so you can pick champions from 3 different promotions if you wish.

Players can guess by replying to the post with ‘Aug 1994’ say, as an example of an answer & if the poster replies telling you you’re correct you get to post your own 3 champions from the day you were born & let others guess your month & year of birth.

I’ll go first & keep it simple sticking to the WWF

So here are my 3 :slight_smile:

WWF Champion: Hulk Hogan

Intercontinental Champion: Ricky Steamboat

WWF Tag Team Champions: The Hart Foundation

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I would have to post the exact same champs! I guess it is around May 1987 then :smiley:

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Yep that’s exactly correct.
Feel free to post champions from another organisation if that isn’t your exact birth month or pick a month & year at random lol or maybe a family members birthday :blush:

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Can’t believe the first person to reply was born in the same era lolfacepalms

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Ok here’s mineimage

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  • NWA World Heavyweight Champion:
    Ric Flair

  • WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion:
    The Ultimate Warrior
    images (1)

  • IWGP Tag Team Champions:
    Masa Saito & Riki Choshu
    images (2)

In your case, I’d say March 1983?

You got the month right but the wrong year