Charles 'The Godfather' Wright undergoes hip replacement surgery

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Successful hip replacement surgery for the Hall of Famer. 

2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Charles ‘The Godfather’ Wright underwent hip replacement surgery. 

He posted before and after photos on his Facebook page to alert the public that the operation was a success. The surgery took place at Mountain View Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Wright still makes appearances at conventions and does signings. 

POST Wrestling recapped Wright’s return to WWE in the 2002 Royal Rumble match. That conversation can be heard on the Bushby & Thompson Wrestling Adventure podcast.

Makes you worry about the guys now a days. If someone like godfather who was not that crazy in the ring needs a hip replacement surgery, what the hell are guys like Kevin Owens, Kenny Omega, young bucks, Riccochet etc. going to be like in 20 years. Granted he was a heavier wrestler, but still. Scary when you look at the toll this business takes on people.

Hopefully he makes a full recovery and takes his rehab seriously, that can make or break the recovery.

I hope he recovers well too, but I got to say…

Limpin’ ain’t easy.