Charlotte Flair explains why she is taking time off from WWE

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Charlotte Flair provided an update Sunday evening on why she is taking time off from WWE following a recent injury angle at the hands of Nia Jax.

Flair’s last appearance was on the episode of Raw that aired on June 22nd, where she lost to Raw women’s champion Asuka and was later attacked by Jax.

Flair explained she is having cosmetic surgery to address a problem from a prior procedure she had in 2018:

My air conditioning is broken, and we have a little free time. These tweets may be spaced out a bit, but we’re going to talk time off, plastic surgery and boobs. The entire world having an opinion on the topic bothers me more than I care to let on, so we are going to discuss it.

I’m going to save the history of my boobs for a different bedtime story, so: Picture it. Charlotte, North Carolina, 2018. A young queen, shortly after a career defining Wrestlemania victory, finds herself sicker than sick at her brother’s house.

A trip to the doctor tells us the likely culprit is silicone poisoning, and that my implant had been leaking for quite some time. It was one of the worse cases the doctor had seen.

At that time, I had a few options to fix the issue. Each option had a specific recovery time. I love this job more than anything, so I picked the option that allowed me to return the soonest. That was the choice I made.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Something felt off, so I went back to the doctor. Same issue again. This time, I’m going with an option that I believe will solve the issue long time, even though the recovery period is a little longer than I would like.

To clarify: I do not have silicone poisoning this time. The surgery is cosmetic to fix an issue from a prior surgery

I’ll be back when I’m ready. The body will be rested, and the mind still focused on legacy. Focused on this job. Focused on being better. Always being better.

Implants that could leak at any moment probably isn’t a great idea for people that take bumps for a living. Especially with women doing more physical wrestling than women did in the past.

I mean, for all the flack Charlotte gets, I don’t think she’s ever been off WWE TV for an extended period since being called up. That I recall. Total workhorse. Also, she shouldn’t have to explain herself or her personal choices to fans. Frankly, seems like a great period in wrestling history to be off. Can’t imagine how much of a bummer it is A) working for a show so poorly written/uninspired and B) working those empty arena shows. Best of luck in her recovery and hopefully fans back off telling women what they should and shouldn’t be doing.


I hope that she rests and gets healthy. I will be honest that I lost alot of respect for her after getting the implants. She does not need that to get over. No one does.

She should just have gotten her implants removed. Maybe in 2020 its time to tell all the women if they have implants to get them removed and encourage ladies in NXT and signees not to have implants. Who am i kidding while Vince is in charge that won’t happen.

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Matter of fact, women in wwe know implants most likely result in a push. This company…

Unfortunate to hear this story, hopefully she has a speedy recovery. With that said, the time off isn’t a bad thing for her, since her call up I can’t recall her being off TV for any significant period of time.

She’s one of the best in the business, I realize that some of the hardcore fans have turned on her because she is one of the “chosen ones”, it is what it is. However you can’t deny her talent.

I dont think it matters anymore. If you are not a great wrestler/great promo and are being brought in to be eye candy, maybe. However if you look at the women on top, many of them seem to be doing just fine without implants.

Normally when I make a statement like this I would cite examples, however I don’t feel comfortable doing that in this case as it just doesnt seem right to speculate on who’s breasts are real vs not real.

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Did you ever stop to consider maybe she got cosmetic surgery for herself.


It’s not a matter of fact. At all.

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Also man, “losing respect” for someone that is doing their own personal thing.

Absolute bullshit.
Do you lose respect for someone who gets braces?


This would probably be a good opportunity to hear a woman’s opinion on the matter instead of a bunch of guys…

::looks around::

Okay why don’t we take a quote from someone who is among the women we’re trying to make body decisions for:

“There’s a lot of rumors about it like, ‘Oh did Alex Bliss get implants?’ I’ve had implants since I was seventeen,” Bliss said. "I’m very open and honest about it. When I had my eating disorder I got down to eighty-five pounds. My doctor told my mom said if [I] don’t get admitted I will die. They treated my health symptoms, they didn’t treat the mental side of it.

“The second time I was hospitalized they treated it like a mental disorder and a mental illness and that’s actually when it started getting better. So, I was very self-conscience about my body and the fact that I felt like I looked like a seven year old boy. There are studies that show [implants] helps women recover from eating disorders because they feel more womanly and they feel better about their bodies and their self image. All the doctors in on this one procedure were my pediatrician, my eating disorder doctor, my psychologist, my psychiatrist. I will never regret doing that for myself because it helped me get over my eating disorder and my body image issues.”

I hope Charlotte has a good and lasting recovery.


I ain’t gonna get down on someone for having surgery done. But you’d hope there was a " safer" option for implants. One that wouldn’t leak or pop. But also, you’d hope a women’s sense of worth be tied to breast size. But that’s a larger societal problem than just wrestling.

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Just hope she’s OK & doesn’t read any comments. I’m sure the Internet is being completely respectful & understanding as it always is.

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I assume you mean “not be tied”?

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I wish Charlotte well! Heal up and get stronger.


We are still doing Phrasing right?!

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I think you are using “we’re” a bit too liberally. Not everyone in this thread is trying to tell Charlotte what to do with her body.

Oops. I’m an idiot. I didn’t even notice


Certainly didn’t meant to attach that to everyone, so apologies to anyone who may have had that applied to them incorrectly. I think it’s important when any of these things happen - like when we have, say, inequality discussions - to remember the people who are most effected by it as well and get some primary reactions from them before we have full scale discussions on what we think needs to happen. This forum is one of the better around for having these kinds of talks, so that’s why I wanted to present it as a background point.

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