Charlotte's moonsault

Something that realize after watching Charlotte wrestles is how her moonsault really look like shit and most of the time she land on her feet instead of landing flat like you’re suppose to do. This was made even more apparent on last night smackdown, when charlotte was suppose to hit Peyton Royce Knees and because she landed on he feet, she completely miss the spot.

For somebody that everybody seem to want to praise for her ring work, that’s a spot that she really should take out of her repertoire if she doesn’t know how to hit it properly. Every time she does it, it look awkward and take the match down a notch.

Don’t get me wrong, i think charlotte is a really good performer but the fact is, it’s not fair that she’s not being criticize when she botch that move and it’s always her opponent that get the heat from fans and reporters when that spot is botch when in fact, Charlotte is the one responsible for the spot being botch in the first place.

Probably more used to doing it to the outside hence the rotation…it’s called an athletic habit.

Be like shitting on Funks moonsault because he leaned to the left.

If it’s not a Lita moonsault then any moonsault is fine with me.

Yeah, her moonsaults rarely look good on the landing. A lot of the time they don’t even connect.

I think Lita falls flat because she’s falling not actually jumping. Charlotte does this massive jump. I was thinking, are they taught to land on their knees to soften the bump because Jillian Hall’s 450 had the same awkward landing as Charlotte’s moonsault.

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I thought Vader was the only one that did it worse than Lita. I thought in the Royal Rumble she was going to Lesnar shooting star press come up mega short. Looked like she did, but didn’t look worse for the wear. I also felt sorry for the people on the mat when Vader and Lita were up there. Also enjoyed Lita overall so ‘just for that move’ thing.

I think Charlotte’s moonsault looks absolutely bleeping amazing. I’m a mark for anything that the audience can’t do (Cirque De Soleil theory), but I can see someone pointing out it’s not always ‘on the mark’ in a wrestling context.


I’ve genuinely never notice how she lands when she does it in the ring, but when she does it to the outside it looks fantastic and is done in a way that looks scary but is very safe.

If it’s as exposing as you say @psykohurricane then maybe she should remove the spot unless she’s doing it to the outside but I doubt anyone in WWE cares enough to change it and I’m not sure how bad it actually is given that I’ve never noticed it… but I’m willing to admit that I often watch wrestling (and especially the WWE product) while doing something else so will sometimes miss parts that others pick up on.

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I love CM Punk but that man had a much worse moonsault than Charlotte.

Her moonsault usually looks really good.
It’s fake. At the end of the day if it’s keeping her and her opponent safe, go for it.

…He had a moonsault?

He sure did. The joke was that CM stood for crooked moonsault.

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I never knew this happened.


Great gif, jeez that’s brutal! (awesome DYK also, I didn’t know that!)

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Was he missing so bad that Cena rolled into it to save the move? If so good job John. (Never thought I would say that)