Chasing the Magic: The Nigel McGuiness Story on WWE Network

I just watched this doc after Takeover Blackpool and this was one of the emotional docs I’ve ever seen. Production is as great as ever with these biographies. Great archives of footage from his independent days and his runs in TNA and Ring of Honor. A real tearjerker when you learn about the massive roadblocks he had to encounter that shortened his wrestling career. Definitely, recommend this to those who have the network. And John and Wai, please cover this on the next Double Shot.

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Honestly, may be because it’s fresh in the memory, but I think it’s the best documentary they’ve ever done. I wasn’t too familiar with Nigel McGuinness pre-wwe, and this was so insightful and honest. Great watch.

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I loved this documentary, I thought that it was so good and now I just want to go off and watch old Nigel McGuiness matches.


Here’s one of my recommendations. His matches with Bryan Danielson always satisfies me.

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I loved Desmond Wolfe at the height of my TNA watching. He was money.

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I participated i the Kickstarter for his self produced doc years ago. Any footage used from that?

Love his story. Met him when was announcing ROH and was a super nice guy.

His matches with Kurt Angle were just off the charts! How he was able to adapt to different styles was versatile.

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That was a great match!


We will review this on the Double Shot this week - I have a lot to discuss after watching this. Recommend for anyone that hasn’t viewed it yet.


This was excellent


Just watched. Damn that was good. The music and footage from roh and tna made it. I mentiobed his self made doc earlier. There’s a climatic scene of him swearing in the car expletives after deciding his career was over. Obviously the tone is different but wow.

I really hope Michael Coles legacy includes his input in hiring nigel, mauro and his mentoring o renee. In the hhh era i could see cole being to hhh what jr was to Vince, not as a commentator (i see him stepping down) but as the guy in talent relations producing all the announcers.

Loved this.

Even though I have seen and remember Nigel’s self-made documentary (The Last of McGuinness), I still really enjoyed this. More concise obviously, plus added chapters and additional insight from others (Daniel Bryan admitting he was dishonest about his medical history when he was signed, whereas Nigel was honest, costing him that contract essentially).

And yes, another instance of Michael Cole coming off great in another outlet that isn’t Raw.


I wonder how many indie kids are going to headbutt the ring post bow after watching this?

Looks like they won’t learn. We still see the diving headbutt even after the Benoit situation.

I’m honestly surprised they showed that headbutt spot without an insert from Nigel or Bryan saying how ridiculously dumb it was in hindsight. It wasn’t until minutes later where Nigel talked about the detriments of that physical style.

Tyler Bate pulled out a diving headbutt in his Takeover Blackpool match, part of his and Trent Seven’s tribute to the British Bulldogs, so hopefully just a one-time thing, no matter how well Bate may have protected himself.