Chavo Guerrero Jr. says the most money he's ever made for one match was 11 second bout at WWE WrestleMania 24

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Guerrero Jr. provides backstory to how the 11 second match came to be. 

As a part of the WrestleMania 24 match card, Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to become ECW Champion. The match between Jacobs and Guerrero Jr. lasted 11 seconds. 

While Chavo was doing a virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, he detailed how the 11 second bout came to be. Guerrero Jr. and Jacobs approached Vince McMahon and told him that if the ECW Title is not on WrestleMania, then the title does not mean anything. 

McMahon agreed but come show day, time cuts were made and he could only offer Kane and Chavo two minutes. They then came up with the quick match plan and Chavo said it’s the most money he’s ever been paid for one match. 

They were building that match (Chavo versus Kane at WrestleMania 24). What happens (is) when we get to WrestleMania, a lot of the contracts start coming through so let’s say they’re trying to sign Snoop Dogg. Well sometimes, that’s not gonna come through until the day before, the day of sometimes. So, times change all the time, they’re constantly changing. Even though they may have the card set two weeks before or a month before, the day that it gets to WrestleMania, things change a lot. So me and Kane had a match on WrestleMania. We had a great run going on. We had really good chemistry in-ring. So, then, about a week before, they started to shuffle things around and we weren’t on WrestleMania. So me and Kane went to Vince McMahon and said, ‘Hey Vince.’ We had a meeting with him in his office and said, ‘If we’re not on WrestleMania then this championship doesn’t mean anything’ and Vince is like, ‘You’re right, you’re right. Okay, you guys are definitely on.’ So, the week before, we had like eight minute matches. When we got to WrestleMania, Vince called us in. He goes, ‘Guys, I have to cut time. I’m cutting time all over the place. I even cut time from the main event and here shuffling times around.’ So he goes, ‘I can only give you guys two minutes.’ Well I’m like, ‘Two minutes? What are we gonna do in two minutes? No one remembers a two minute match at WrestleMania, nobody.’ So we’re like, ‘Well, what if we say we can do this in, you know, 10, 20 seconds’ and he was like, ‘What? What? That’s great. How can you do that?’ So we kind of like, collaboration between all three of us and figured it out and that’s how it happened so, Kane won the Invitational Battle Royal to face the ECW Champion so I didn’t know who I was gonna face until it was Kane and then, I did my whole entrance and I’m watching for Kane and I don’t see him anywhere. He pops up behind me, beats me in eight seconds, if it was that. I’m like, eight seconds, awesome, great. So, I had my gripes, saying he cheated. I was coming down the ramp and what other match, what other sport can someone just appear — I’m not saying not jump somebody but actually beat them for a title. This shouldn’t even have gone through. He cheated 100 percent, he didn’t wanna face me straight up because he knew I was gonna beat him. Vince loved it, we end up doing it and to this day, that eight seconds, that was the most I ever got paid for one match. It’s true, totally true. By the second, it’s incredible but it’s for the whole match. It was the most I got paid for one match. It was a lot and thank you Jim Ross. But yeah, that was for that and if you break down the second, it was pretty lucrative (he laughed).

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