Chelsea Green discusses winning WWE Women's Tag Titles, Matt Cardona comments on being at Raw for the moment

Originally published at Chelsea Green discusses winning WWE Women's Tag Titles, Matt Cardona comments on being at Raw for the moment

Cardona was present in Atlanta for Green’s moment. 

This past Monday on Raw, new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were crowned in Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green. They defeated the duo of Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. 

With their win, Green and Deville won their first championships in WWE. Green reflected on the moment while on Busted Open Radio and stated that she deserves it. 

I really wish that I could tell you I was emotional (after the WWE Women’s Tag Title win). I’m not an emotional person anyway. I’m really not, I’m not. Look, it’s something I’ll work on but, I more so was standing there thinking, yeah, of course I did it, of course I did it. I’ve been working at this for nine years. I have been fired from WWE numerous times, before you guys even knew I was fired, I was fired. I have been kicked off of WWE property so many times during Tough Enough, during tryouts, all sorts of things. I deserve this, okay? I deserve this championship and not only that, I went and made a name for myself outside of WWE and I became someone that was undeniable to them. That wasn’t just me sitting in my pool.

Present for Green and Deville’s accolade was Matt Cardona. He said watching Chelsea win was a lot of fun. Cardona added that he did not want to hang backstage and make it seem like he was looking for a job.

Cardona: Well look, I am The Indie God, Death Match king, right? But, I’d lying if I said — you know, first of all, it was about her. I didn’t go there (to Raw) for me…

Green: But that’s not what we’re asking. We want the tea, you know what I mean? 

Cardona: Let me get there, let me get there, alright? Let me get there. So, I didn’t wanna be backstage. I didn’t want it to look like I was begging for a job. I made sure John Cone snuck me in and snuck me out. So I was watching and I was super proud of her winning the titles but yeah, can I curse here? F*ck, I wanna walk out in a sold-out arena. It’s great, I’m The Indie God. My dream wasn’t to be a big fish in a small pond, my dream wasn’t to be a pro wrestler. My dream was to be a WWE superstar. So of course, listen, my phone’s working. If there’s a 203 number calling, I’ll pick up and we’ll have a conversation but Sam (Roberts), we talked about the three Cs… We’ll see what happens. To quote the great Justin Bieber, never say never. 

Cardona has stated on multiple occasions that he’d be open to having a conversation about returning to WWE.

On July 23rd, he’ll be making his DDT Pro-Wrestling debut and challenging for the promotion’s Universal Championship

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