Chelsea Green states that Sonya Deville is healing 'so well' following ACL injury

Originally published at Chelsea Green states that Sonya Deville is healing 'so well' following ACL injury

Chelsea Green chats Sonya Deville and provides an update. 

Present day, Chelsea Green is a WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside her partner, Piper Niven. Prior to Niven being in the fold, Green was holding the titles with Sonya Deville. 

Over the summer, Deville went down with a torn ACL and has since undergone surgery. Green said on the Wilde On podcast that when Deville got hurt, she was more concerned for Sonya’s well-being and mental health as opposed to being concerned with what would happen with the titles.

Green added that Sonya has consistently been on the road for nearly a decade and she won her first championship, only to be sidelined several weeks later. Green provided an update on Sonya and said she’s healing ‘so well’. 

I was more so worried for her (Sonya Deville when she got injured) in the sense of like, she just has worked so hard to get there. I have been through this a million times. Like you (Taylor Wilde) said it when we first started, I have been fired and rehired a million times, I’ve broken bones. I’m good. I know I can come up with something and if they don’t wanna use it, then they’re gonna do what they want. You can’t change that. But I was just worried for her and her mental health, like going from being on the road for the past seven-to-eight years to having her very first injury and being out after winning the championship, her first title. But actually, it turns out she’s thriving and doing amazing and healing so well and we talk all the time and I was just very, very grateful to be given a second chance.

Green and Niven were featured in a backstage segment on this past Monday’s Raw. Also in the segment were Tegan Nox, Natalya, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. 

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