Chris Harris reflects on in-ring return at IMPACT Against All Odds, says it was perfect if that's it for him

Originally published at Chris Harris reflects on in-ring return at IMPACT Against All Odds

‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris looks back on his in-ring return.

For the first time since 2018, ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris made his return to in-ring competition at IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘Against All Odds’ event in early July. He was part of a 1o-person tag that saw him team with James Storm, Heath, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson to take on Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Kenny King, PCO, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett).

Harris came out of the match feeling good physically. He told the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast that when the idea of him wrestling again was brought up, he felt like he would be protected in a 10-person tag and he liked the story that was unfolding.

Yeah, that was great Storm was available and we just talked about maybe doing something with The Good Brothers and then of course they were already in a program with The Briscoes so, yeah, we just kind of made an appearance to — just a little bit of nostalgia there and had fun with that but then some other ideas came about to do some more and actually wrestle at the next major event so things just worked through. I’m just very fortunate that I was part of all that.

It was really fun and it was great to, you know, little things like hearing the music, seeing our video wall and just walking out with Storm, doing our promos in the back. It was a lot of fun and I was very happy to be able to relive that.

Yeah . I don’t do a whole lot of wrestling anymore. I mean when I say that, I only say that because sometimes it just pops up but no, I really haven’t done a whole lot of wrestling. I just really do the appearances and signings and things like that but, when they came up with the idea of doing a 10-man for Against All Odds, I thought, you can’t be any better protected than in a 10-man so, yeah, I thought about it and we went ahead and went through with that so, I thought the story was great, everything that they laid out was just a really great story and yeah, to be able to step back in the ring and Storm and I tagging up again so that was pretty cool.

In some ways it is , yeah. Getting in there and there is such thing as ring rust but, you know, I don’t know. Once a wrestler, always a wrestler. There’s just certain instincts that take over and it’d been a while since I was in the ring like that but, it felt natural, it felt great. To be able to do some of the signature moves was pretty cool so, I enjoyed it all the way around.

As far as his future with IMPACT goes, Harris is not scheduled for anything as of the podcast recording. He reiterated that he is interested in a behind the scenes role.

Further looking back at his in-ring return, he feels there was more story that could have been told, but he’s also fine with that being his last match and thinks that was a perfect way to go out if he is indeed done wrestling.

Not as of right now . We kind of just carried that and of course the story could have been carried a little longer. But, the truth is if there was any way to go out, it couldn’t have been more perfect for me to be able to have that moment and to be able to perform the ‘Death Sentence’ one more time. There’s a lot of different areas we could have gone on but, I almost don’t wanna tarnish that. If that’s really it, let’s not add to it just to add to it just for story’s sake so I’m pretty happy with the way it ended and I’d love to keep working with IMPACT, maybe behind the scenes.

Harris is a former six-time NWA World Tag Team Champion with James Storm as a part of America’s Most Wanted. Storm still competes for IMPACT and was last in action at the July tapings where he wrestled Steve Maclin.

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