Chris Jericho announces Fozzy will play 'Judas' live at AEW All In

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Fozzy is playing live at All In. 

On the marquee for AEW All In at Wembley Stadium is a singles match between Chris Jericho and IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay.

Ahead of the bout, Jericho took to his social media platforms and shared that for his entrance, Fozzy is going to be playing ‘Judas’ live. Jericho said he’ll be singing himself to the ring at the event. 

HUGE NEWS! @FOZZYROCK will be playing #Judas LIVE at #AEWAllIn from @wembleystadium! And get tix NOW for the biggest headlining show in our history this Friday at @O2ForumKTown at!

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) August 22, 2023

The upcoming match at All In will be the first time Jericho and Ospreay have shared a ring together in a sanctioned match. Jericho is on record saying that the match would’ve happened earlier if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between Brexit and COVID and everything else, haven’t the British people been through enough trauma?


Hush now.

I’ll be there singing along with The Ocho.

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Cool for the live audience. And congrats to Jericho for eclipsing 20 years of convincing himself he is a real rockstar by forcing his music on wrestling fans. Even Bruce Willis and Eddie Murphy couldn’t make that crossover last when they were the biggest movie stars in the world.


And party all the time was a jam!

Side note: has a wrestler (not honky tonk man) actually performed their own entrance theme as their walkout? Not a caster or cena rap or something, either….


Like this….probably not. I don’t think the KISS Demon ever sang during his entrance. But maybe he did. I think the only examples are rap (ie R Truth). Unless we’re talking indies which I’m sure it’s happened somewhere.

“The REAL Double J” Jesse Jammes!


Damn…I thought of road dog, but I was thinking NAO Roaddog. Forgot about his pre NAO days.

I’m thinking Mickie James might have done that in TNA


Taichi of course! (it’s still real to me dammit)


Does this count?

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Truth still falls under the rap category. I completely forgot about this era of Aiden English. He counts as one because it’s acapella. 100%.

No Mad Mountain Rock or Boogs (is that how it’s spelled?) or any solo guitar-playing act. Might make an exception for Elias if he played, sang, and walked to the ring at the same time. I’ll count that. LOL.

The R-Truth one is an interesting one. I thought it fit because he performs the same track every time as opposed to Cena/Acclaimed who would just freestyle so it’s not really a theme song.

Elias plays and sings his way to the ring in the 2020 Royal Rumble.

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New to me. I like. But, Rap/Spoken Word Category.

Definitely in the Truth, Cena, and Caster grouping.

this…Yes, absolutely this has had to happen at some Indie…somewhere there is a video of this and it will be TERRIBLE and wonderful simultaneously.

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Thank you! Taichi gets his own category: glorious and delightful wrestle-bollocks. :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But, really, I mean, his voice is so powerful and majestic that he can use a corded microphone with no cable and still sound (and look) incredible on his walkout.

I nearly died the first time I saw Taichi using a microphone that needed an XLR cable and didn’t have one during his entrance. Like, not even trying to keep Kayfabe alive with a wireless microphone that’s not on.

the best.

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Elias is in! Truth gets a lifetime achievement award and goat status for performing his theme music regularly for generations.

I am putting Rap into its own category because there is a lot less production or bells and whistle’s required. Like, they play truth’s music - as they would - and he takes a microphone from the go position. Whereas, if there was a live DJ, then the production and coordination required increases and Truth is on the list. Truth and Road Dogg in the rap category. that was a thing…LOL