Chris Jericho challenges Konosuke Takeshita to singles match in Japan via video shown at DDT event

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Chris Jericho appeared via video at a DDT Pro-Wrestling event on Sunday to challenge Konosuke Takeshita to a singles match in Japan.

Takeshita had just won a match against MAO at DDT’s ‘Who’s Gonna Top?’ event at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. As he stood in the ring alongside Don Callis, Jericho appeared on the screen and tore up a photograph of Takeshita.


We've received a video message from Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) wanting to face Takeshita! A grudge from AEW right in front of your eyes!

「Ultimate Party 2023」
📅November 12th Starts 14:00
🏢Ryogoku Sumo Hall

⚔Special Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs…

— DDT Pro-Wrestling (English) (@ddtproENG) September 24, 2023

Jericho voiced his grievances with Takeshita and challenged him to a match at DDT’s Ultimate Party event at Ryogoku Sumo Hall, Tokyo, on November 12th.

In the video, Jericho said:

Congratulations on your big victory tonight, Takeshita. You look good as always.

Everybody says you’re one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. Well, Chris Jericho is one of the greatest of all time. And, Takeshita, not once but twice in AEW, you attacked me with a chair, with Don Callis, and I’m done.

I will have revenge on you, Takeshita. I have worked in Japan for over 30 years. And you can ask Onita, you can ask Tenyru, Inoki-san, Chono, Okada, Naito — ask them all who one of the best to ever come to Japan is. It’s Chris Jericho.

So at the Ultimate Party 2023, Ryogoku Sumo Arena, November 12th, it’s Takeshita versus Chris Jericho. I challenge you, Takeshita, and I’m going to teach you a lesson. Takeshita, you are a bakayaro, and I’m going to prove it on November 12th. See you then.