Chris Jericho comments on Vince McMahon situation

Originally published at Chris Jericho comments on Vince McMahon situation

In an interview published on YouTube today, Chris Jericho was asked about the 15th June allegations in the Wall Street Journal that Vince McMahon had paid an ex-employee with whom he had a relationship $3 million to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The interview was recorded in England, where Jericho is currently touring, but preceded the latest allegations published in the 8th July edition of the WSJ.

It is an important distinction because the 15th June report concerned what was reported as a consensual relationship, whereas the newest reporting, which Jericho did not address, alleges sexual misconduct.

During a lengthy interview on the True Geordie Podcast, when asked whether he was surprised by the June allegations, Jericho responded (quote courtesy of Fightful):

“Is it a surprise in any industry when it happens? When you look at it, it’s really not illegal. He had an affair, paid the lady off to not say anything, and moved on. It’s almost like, ‘Okay, and?’

People want to jump on it but there is still always an undertone of ‘it’s wrestling. Oh, it’s just wrestling,’ If you look, that story came out with a bang, and then you really haven’t heard anything about it since. If this was Hollywood, with Harvey Weinstein, that sort of thing…the difference between that is, he was holding women back for getting gigs, Harvey Weinstein. ‘Either bang me or you don’t get the starring role.’ This has never been said in Vince’s thing.

It was a mutual acknowledgment of the affair, he paid the lady to say nothing, and she took the money. I really know Vince well and it sucks that happened, it sucks that he did it, but is anything really going to happen from it? I don’t think so.”

By drawing a contrast with Harvey Weinstein after the first allegation by the same logic the second WSJ report would be exactly the same as Harvey Weinstein. A performer was likely fired because she wouldn’t reciprocate the old pervs sexual advances. And it’s doubtful that this case from 2005 is the only time this has happened.

And therefore the consequences should be similar. Which at the minimum should be his firing.

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He’s completely ignoring how Vince is the CEO and used his position and influence to groom these relationships, regardless of Jericho’s perception of consent, it’s still sexual exploitation. And, yeah, while Vince doesn’t have a plethora of women coming forward to talk about their experiences or disclose his wrongdoing. There are more than a few very problematic instances and one assault allegation corroborated by a third party. Jericho’s take is very similar to the people defending and dismissing McMahon’s accountability.

Jericho should vet all of his takes through the younger and smarter people he’s working with these days. He could really benefit from their insights and reads on current day culture.