Chris Jericho provides update on bruised larynx, states that he's recalibrating his singing

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Jericho provides update on his bruised larynx and the idea of writing another book.

As a result of Chris Jericho dealing with a bruised larynx, the band Fozzy had to postpone some of their tour dates. The group is still scheduled to head to England in November.

Chris Jericho was interviewed for the Paltrocast and provided an update on his larynx. He shared that he’s recalibrating his singing to build his voice back up to where it used to be.

It’s getting better have a tour that starts in a month from today in England and I started just kind of recalibrating my singing to where we’ll be great for the tour and as I still continue to get stronger, you just have to relearn some things and then it’s going to come back so it’s going good. It’s a lot better now than it was two weeks ago which was a lot better than it was two weeks before that so… 32 years in wrestling and a thousand clotheslines over the rope, never had a problem. This was just one of those things. It was the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time, whatever you wanna say.

In 2021, ‘The Complete List of Jericho’ book was released which listed every single pro wrestling match that Jericho has had throughout his career with additional commentary.

The idea of writing another book is not something Jericho is thinking about at the moment but said when the inspiration comes to him, he’ll start writing non-stop.

Not right now and only because writing a book is a lot of hard work and even with Jericho 30, which is a book I’ve been writing my whole career, it still was a lot of work and there’s a certain level of anything that I do but especially my books. I’ve had five of them, they’ve all been well received. I mean Jericho 30, no publisher wanted to release it so I released it myself and made the most money I’ve made on any book since book one back in 2007. So I have no issues doing another book. I just have to have a spare year to do one and I’m not there yet. When the inspiration hits, then you’re writing non-stop. I’m not there yet and it’s usually three years between books and Jericho 30 is now two years old so maybe next year this time, ask me the same question and we’ll see where we’re at.

Jericho is the reigning ROH World Champion and his next title defense is taking place this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He’ll be defending against Bryan Danielson.

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