Chris Jericho 'really happy' with Will Ospreay match, discusses idea for Guevara vs. Garcia at AEW All In, details conversation with CM Punk

Originally published at Chris Jericho 'really happy' with Will Ospreay match, discusses idea for Guevara vs. Garcia at AEW All In, details conversation with CM Punk

Jericho recaps his weekend in London, England.

On the marquee for AEW All In at Wembley Stadium was a singles match between Chris Jericho and IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay. The night prior to All In, Jericho appeared at Revolution Pro Wrestling’s 11 Year Anniversary Show and ambushed Ospreay. 

Jericho recapped his entire experience that weekend on the newest episode of Talk Is Jericho. He dove into singing himself to the ring as Fozzy played ‘Judas’. Jericho credited Bully Ray for being the individual who suggested Fozzy playing him to the ring. He added that it was Ortiz’s idea for him to do the Freddie Mercury ‘ay-oh’ to start the performance. 

Bubba Dudley, months ago said, ‘You should have Fozzy play you to the ring.’ I was like, ‘Seriously? You think so?’ He was like, ‘You gotta do it’ so, Bubba came up with the idea of Fozzy singing, me singing myself to the ring with Fozzy and Ortiz came up with the idea of me doing the Freddie Mercury ay-ohs so, not a lot of creativity or originality from Chris Jericho on that ring entrance (he laughed). That just came from my friends…

As Jericho continued, he spoke about CM Punk being let go from AEW. He spoke to Punk at All In to see if Punk was going to do a move that Jericho had been thinking about doing. 

Jericho joked with Punk that he was going to do the G.T.S. but said it with a straight face. He said for a second, he thinks Punk thought he was being serious. The first-ever AEW World Champion stated that Punk went out on top with a good showing with Samoa Joe. He then touched on the influx that was caused because of the Jack Perry-Punk ordeal. 

I don’t wanna dwell on this or talk about it but I should address it. Of course, CM Punk no longer with AEW and Wembley was his last match, which what a way to go out. I did speak to him briefly. I was gonna do a frankensteiner off the top and I know that he does that sometimes. I was just curious if he was doing it so, I went and talked to him for a bit, asked him if he was doing it, he wasn’t. Then I told him I was gonna do the G.T.S. with a straight face and I think for a second (he thought) that I was going to but I was joking of course. So yeah, I did see him that day and once again, it’s a regretful moment what happened. But Tony Khan made his decision and like I said, CM Punk was a big part of AEW for the time he was here and if you’re gonna go out, he went out on top for sure by having this good match with Samoa Joe in a sold-out stadium — not sold-out but the highest ticket seller of all-time so, that’s my thoughts on that.

When Will (Ospreay) and I were getting ready together and putting together our stuff and then the show starts and there’s some anticipation and then of course, there’s a fight that breaks out backstage and that kind of throws things off and then there was a little bit influx of who’s match is gonna go on next and then I knew at one point, I can’t go on any earlier than I’m supposed to go on because we’ve got the band and the entrance and all that sort of stuff. But yeah, that definitely kind of threw a monkey wrench into things and we’re still getting ready for our match when all this stuff is going down so, when you’re gonna be on a big show, I always say that when you can’t go on last, you wanna go on first or in the semi, that sort of area and I think we were third from last…

Looking back at the match against Ospreay, he said they could have gone longer, but shorter or longer does not always mean better. Jericho is really happy with the match and said it’s one of his favorites. 

Like I said, we (Jericho & Will Ospreay) knew we that we had 17 minutes. We went a little bit shorter. We could’ve done a few things differently to make it a little longer but longer and shorter doesn’t make a great match. A great match is just the atmosphere and the vibe and what the guys are doing so, I really loved kind of some of the counters and reversals that we had. Obviously, I went for a ‘Jericho Cutter’, like an Oscutter. People thought I was going for a lionsault, whatever it was gonna be… Really excited and happy with the whole match and you know, there’s a couple minor things that go wrong as they do in every match but just some of the counters and everyone of course was talking about when Ospreay went for the Storm Breaker and I reversed it into a Walls of Jericho and it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so amazing.’ I’ve been doing that spot for years (he laughed). The frankensteiner off the top and just all the stuff that we contributed and combined in there and the multiple Codebreakers and him kicking out of the Judas Effect and then me kind of giving him the finger, daring him to pin me when he finally did and I mean, just a great match. It really was one of my favorites that I’ve had.

Accompanying Jericho to the ring was Sammy Guevara and while speaking about Sammy, he mentioned that there was an idea for Guevara versus Daniel Garcia to take place at All In. 

I wanted Sammy (Guevara) out there with me (at All In) to continue our storyline. I also wanted him to be able to feel that. I know he wanted to wrestle and there was at one point an idea to do Dani Garcia versus Sammy but we just, you know, you can’t do everything on the show and I wanted him to be able to feel it and when he was out there after Judas like, ‘This is f*cking great man, this is great.’ You can see him kind of jumping up and down so he feels it, right? He wants to be on the show next year but now he knows what it feels like to just be in that atmosphere and around that mass of humanity. So I have no doubt that Sammy will be on the show next year for sure…

On the 9/6 edition of AEW Dynamite, Jericho and Guevara are scheduled to face Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis). Jericho stated that him and Guevara are now on the path to becoming Tag Team Champions in AEW. 

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