Chris Jericho states he was assaulted at Las Vegas hotel

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Chris Jericho is stating he was assaulted by security at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

Jericho, who was in Las Vegas for a Fozzy show on Sunday, posted the following message claiming he was assaulted.

Hey @MandalayBay …it’s unacceptable that u tried to bully me & assault
Me, when all I wanted was my bags that I left at concierge.
Ur security staff IGNORED me for 30
Min & when I made some noise, physically & mentally assaulted me& laughed in my face. I want restitution NOW!

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) May 8, 2023

The performer has pinned this message on his Twitter account

POST Wrestling has reached out to the Mandalay Bay Resort for a response and/or statement regarding the alleged incident and will post an update if we hear from them.

Fozzy performed at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas on Sunday.

As the years go on, a much as I love him as a performer, Jericho just seems to be becoming more and more a pain in the ass. I have a hard time believing he did nothing wrong and was “assaulted”.

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Something is not right about this story. It’s really fishy.

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In interviews Jericho has a way of coming off very confrontational. If security approached him and treated him like a normal person, I can easily see him pulling a “do you know you the F I am” kind of thing. I very well may be wrong, but that’s just how he comes off now a days as I hear him saying things on his podcast like “if so and so said that to me, I’d knock him the F out”….that kind of crap.

Technically if someone touches you without your permission that is assault. They literally only have to put a finger on you without permission for it to be assault.

Not that you are defending him, but Aren’t there exception when it comes to being escorted out of an establishment? If not, I feel every bar in the world would have assault charges on a daily basis from having to kick people out.

It’s also well known he has a bit of an alcohol problem. So who knows what happened. Him going on Twitter to complain is a bud childish and typical celebrity behaviour