Chris Jericho's band FOZZY plays in front of packed crowd at Sturgis; No face...

Its like when a person begins dating a new boyfriend of girlfriend, and they tell all their friends how amazing this new person is (AEW), while at the same time, they bash their ex because of all the BS they had to put up with (WWE). The issue is that the only difference between their present day bf/gf and their ex is that they just know their ex much better, and the current bf/gf is hiding their baggage. Then the longer the relationship goes on, the honeymoon phase begins to fade and the more and more they realize that the two arent that different at all.

I do agree, I think AEW tries to manipulate fans through the PR game, and it works. This really became apparent to me when you heard crickets from Tony Khan after Chris Jericho’s “All lives matter” tweet, yet he made a public spectacle out of banning Linda Hogan from all future events for her comments, a person who had zero chance of ever going to a show. Bashing Linda Hogan is good PR, acknowledging Jericho’s insensitive tween is not. I dont get how more people don’t see this. I understand that what they said was not the same, but its the all out banning of one (which means nothing) to not even acknowledging the other (which actually does matter) which speaking volumes. It would be like me publicly “banning” Donald Trump from my business, but allowing my employees to say insensitive comments with zero consequence.

Brandi has always screamed “very superficial” and that’s always put me off, but Cody I was 50/50 on. As a performer, he can be self-indulgent, but he’s able to tell stories at a high level and present himself as a big deal. I didn’t follow his post WWE excursion, so he was out of sight, out of mind for me.

But boy, does his Twitter frequently put me off. AEW does some truly progressive things, but so much of it feels like it is in the name of image. It’s becoming more and more apparent in recent months as well.

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The bucks seem like pretty good dudes. Maybe I’ve missed a scandal or something.

But I would love it if we could go a week around here without someone having a freak out about wrestling fans being hypocrites.

Political posturing by AEW aside, I’m mostly just concerned he could have been exposed to the virus and expose the rest of the locker room. Clearly the people in power there feel they have this situation under control due to their testing protocol. This mindset always seems to go great, until it doesn’t. But we shall see.

Has there been any confirmation one way or the other if the company was aware of the concert ahead of time? That would be a great question for Tony Khan during one of his PPV media scrums.

Fozzy is coming to Cleveland and Pittsburgh in two weeks. I was leary before the Sturgis thing, though I did want to see Fozzy. I don’t need to get a deadly virus because the show must go on.

Is this in reference to what I wrote?

Seems a bit short-sighted to generalize all people who watch the product as hypocrites, whiny, etc.

…I mean, WWE’s been doing that for years, and that clearly hasn’t hurt them one bit. Actively talking down to your audience is the future of marketing!

Sorry, me and my friend Mark are outta here.

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I’m the only person to use the word “hypocrisy” in this thread, however I was referring to AEW, I gave examples later and you provided some good takes as well. I wasn’t referring to wrestling fans, so either my comments were misunderstood by @mbh , or the reference is to something else that I am not aware of.

I’m referring to the other person implying wrestling fans are hypocrites or whining about something 24/7. Not a fan how wrestlers, figureheads, etc uniquely trash/generalize their audience. It’s a big reason there’s been millions tuning out. That’s all I meant

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No I know, I was commenting on your comment to him lol. I should have wrote it differently, Ill edit.
When I re-read what I wrote it sounds like I am talking about you, not what I meant to get across.


Does this mean Judas is cancelled? Because, I’m becoming Judas in my mind.

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If he is allowed to Wrestle on Wednesday,could Tony Khan be accused of running a sloppy shop?

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If he does appear, reading the excuses from the AEW apologists will be outstanding. Even if Khan and those in charge truly believe he’s safe and healthy, it would be terrible PR for him to show up.



A whole list of excuses, though most of them are just going to be “ARMBAR”.

Jericho seems kind of like a closet Republican to me or at least open to hearing out right wing/conspiratorial viewpoints that go against the “woke” grain. He has had Donald Trump Jr. and some conspiracy theory type people on his show before. It would not surprise me if he doesn’t see this as a huge deal.

This is not to be an apologist but rather a general question at large. The virus is going to be here for a longer time than most want to admit. Even after a vaccine people won’t get the vaccine and it’ll likely spread…if a company (any promotion or company in general) is doing testing, why is it that “sloppy”? I’m curious everyone’s thoughts. My personal opinion is if a company is doing testing and removing individuals with symptoms or positive tests, what more should the really be doing?

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He doesn’t seem so closeted. Seems to be pretty open with where he stands on things while not outright wearing a MAGA hat. Or he may be a Democrat who feels differently about the virus given his line of work.

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Terrible PR for the 10% of their audience who 1) know he performed at Sturgis 2)thinks under no circumstance should somebody perform at a concert in front of a crowd and then be allowed to be on a wrestling show 3) give a crap and 4) arent already turned off by a company running shows non stop since March

For the other 90% I don’t think this matters outside the depths of the IWC

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The incubation period for Covid is 14 days, and we’re only at five days right now. And Jericho wasn’t spotted at the supermarket. He was performing at an event that draws over 100,000 people (up to 500,000 on a normal year).

My feeling is that, if that is all OK with AEW, then why don’t they have fans at their events?