Christian Cage retains TNT Title with assist from Nick Wayne, Edge debuts at AEW WrestleDream

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Adam Copeland has arrived to All Elite Wrestling. 

Closing out AEW’s WrestleDream pay-per-view was a 2-out-of-3 Falls match between Darby Allin and TNT Champion Christian Cage for Cage’s title. Both talents got points on the scoreboard before the final fall. 

Coming down to the ring for the backend of the match was Nick Wayne. He snatched the TNT Championship out of Cage’s hands as he was about to use it on Darby. Wayne then stood side by side with Allin and was instructed to hit Christian with the belt. Wayne then decided to hit Darby over the head with the title which led to Cage retaining his championship. 

Christian embraced Nick Wayne post-match and they continued to beat down Darby. Sting then made his way to the ring but the two-on-two did not last long before Luchasaurus joined the fray. As the numbers game got the best of Allin and Sting, a video package aired of an individual driving to the WrestleDream location in Seattle, Washington and ultimately making his way to the ring was Adam Copeland a.k.a. Edge. 

Christian handed his chair over to Copeland, but Copeland went after Wayne and then took out Luchsaurus. He then shook hands with both Allin and Sting. After his arrival to AEW, Tony Khan announced that Copeland has signed with the company.

From the pyro, to METALINGUS to even his nickname. If they got the rights to the “EDGE” name this debut would’ve been BEYOND WILD!

Actually that brings up a good point I was wondering about. This is so close to the “Edge” character that WWE owns all the IP for that isn’t AEW going to get in trouble?

Even referring to him as the “Rated R Superstar” on social media. I would have thought that has to be a WWE trademarked phrase.

Looks like Bix has answered your question. Whoops, that’s why you gotta hold tight to your trademarks.


Very weird seeing Edge in AEW, I had the same feeling when I saw Sting debut in WWE which is funny given how Edge just debuted.

I do feel Edge was a bit stale in WWE and with Christian being in AEW it does lead to some
Natural storylines that I am looking forward to. Just please please please don’t give us E and C vs the Hardy’s.

This is why it matters to have more than one big promotion in town. These crossovers are insane! And I love it!


Didn’t really care one way or the other if Edge joined AEW but looking at WWE marks meltdowns on social media makes it one of the best signings ever

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He posted a whole deal on Twitter, but here’s the good part.


(apologies for the double post, I didn’t watch/follow any wrestling this weekend, and I’m getting caught up today)

I will start by saying this is funny shit, but I’m just wondering how everybody feels about this happening at a press conference.

My personal opinion is that press conferences should either be shoot or kayfabe, not both. Otherwise, you are asking journalists to participate in your BS when they are trying to do a job.

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This is pretty much how I feel.

Going to AEW gives Adam Copeland a chance to refresh his character. Or at least prove how good he is outside of WWE. He can face old rivals like Christian and Jericho. And new opponents like MJF, Swerve, Takeshita, etc.

And when his contract is up with AEW I’m sure WWE will still welcome him back with open arms. If the timing works out right WWE could induct Edge & Christian as a tag team into their Hall of Fame making him a two time hall of famer.

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Edge was done in WWE. Won everything, had every conceivable matchup. As an active wrestler, he’s much more valuable in AEW than WWE right now.

Edge isn’t really a draw for me, personally. But given the two options, I would much rather see new matchups and/or a nostalgia run with Christian, than watch him go through Reigns/Rollins/Balor/Styles for a seventh time.