Christian Cage revealed as 'Hall Of Fame-worthy' talent, signs with AEW

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It was stated by Paul Wight (The Big Show) on last week’s Dynamite that a new signee to All Elite Wrestling would be revealed at the Revolution pay-per-view. AEW President Tony Khan promoted the signee as a ‘Hall Of Fame-worthy’ talent and that talent was revealed to be Christian Cage.

Within minutes of Christian appearing on AEW programming, the company pushed out his merchandise as he is officially a member of the roster and has signed a multi-year deal.

Christian Cage HAS ARRIVED!
Order #AEWRevolution now on all major providers, @brlive, and @FiteTV (international fans)

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 8, 2021

Welcome to the team… #ChristianCage is #AllElite

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) March 8, 2021

After almost seven years away from in-ring competition, Christian made his return at the 2021 Royal Rumble pay-per-view for WWE. After that, he was a guest on the WWE digital show The Bump but there was no follow up on his return.

POST Wrestling will be live following the Revolution pay-per-view for patron members. That review can be heard at this link.

I’ll post what I posted in the revolution thread, this was literally worst case scenario IMO he didn’t live up to the hype, it feels like TNA 2005, and fans of E and C we were robbed of getting to see these guys work together one last time. This just sucks.


I guess, technically, he is a HoF worthy guy, but…

Had Christian just showed up at the event as a complete surprise, people would have enjoyed it. Instead they hyped it up wayyyyy beyond what it was worth for absolutely no reason.

A perfectly acceptable talent given too much build.


I agree…I’m also bitter that we are not going to get an Edge and Christian vs Roman/Jey match, as I wanted to see E and C one last time, but thats probably more on Vince low balling Christian than anything.


It’s under whelming and kind of obvious. CC has never been known as a main event guy (outside of TNA). He’s a poor mans Edge and isn’t really going to move the needle much. Still better than Kurt Angle


If they continue to follow TNA 2005/06, Kurt will be right behind him.

After what I saw of the end of the Omega match it’s seeming like they are heading TNA level for sure


Wait, did Big Show just do a heel turn. On us?


Very underwhelming, feels like TNA. Disappointing reveal


I feel when the HOF worthy stuff was dropped people were expecting Cena or Brock or CM Punk or the Rock. Yes those are all far fetched (Cena might even still have a contract who knows) but when you hype Hall of Fame worthy and have TK saying it’s one of his favourite wrestlers etc and how it will be a game changer signing a multi year deal

You then trout out an almost 50 yr old B lister whose better counterpart is headlining Wrestlemania?

It really does position you as the B company. Sort of like signing Jim Neidhart or Marty Janetty while Bret and Shawn main even Mania and not being surprised people think you oversold it


Yep. TNA signed the guy in 2005 - it was a big deal then. In 2021 it’s not that impressive. What a bust.

Total overhype

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Anyone short of Punk or Brock would have disappointed. Christian was in the conversation alongside Angle.

I hope he’s well enough to Out. Work. Everyone.

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Shame on Vince for not re-signing this guy and having him work along side Edge. Shame on Tony for bringing Christian into AEW in 2021 as a “HUGE surprise”. Loose-Loose.


We better get Tomko signed too and bring back the “At last your on your own” opera intro song. Man that song was money.

Iono but that “Jacksonville Dixie” Moniker just became more appropriate after this signing.

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It’s weird, Tony Khan usually does a pretty good job at reading his audience, he was way off with this one. Probably his biggest miss to date.

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Why all the Christian hate all of a sudden?

He’s a great wrestler & has always been regarded as such.
People have been calling for him to be added to the hall of fame for a few years now.

I get being disappointed but i think people set their expectations of ‘hall of fame level’ too high.

No disrespect but you could’ve gotten Koko.B.Ware, Drew Carey or Torrie Wilson.

At least Christian will most likely be wrestling.

Come on guys, it’s Christian! He’s awesome.

I’m glad he has his fans.
I hope I’m proven wrong by his work.
However, nobody sees Christian as a game-changing talent.

Again, imagine if Christian had just shown up as a total surprise on the PPV? People would have been far more welcoming to it than how they are reacting.

I’ve been a very vocal supporter of AEW - but I’m sure for many, the combination of a pretty below expectation surprise, combined with a really poor final minute of the show - you’ve probably turned off some people.

I don’t put the blame on the talent at all. I blame how things were promoted and handled.


Huge Christian fan, have always liked him more than Edge and loved his time in TNA. But the disappointment is from the way his signing was handled.

When you have Tony Khan going on all sorts of podcasts and hyping it up beyond belief you have to deliver something more than Christian.

His return at the Rumble was great, this was a flop. I’m sure he will be a fine addition to the roster but everything leading up to his arrival was unnecessary.