Christian reveals when he found out he would be in the Royal Rumble

Originally published at Christian reveals when he found out he would be in the Royal Rumble

Christian (Jay Reso) appeared on WWE’s The Bump on Wednesday and discussed his surprise return at the Royal Rumble.

Christian on his return, getting back in shape:

When I watched him , I know we had different injuries but I started thinking, man, just kind of put that bug in my ear and I started thinking, ‘Maybe this is a possibility’ and I kind of put it to the side and didn’t really think anything of it and then the summer when I had the unsanctioned match against Randy Orton, I kind of looked at where I was in my life and everything like that and I was like, ‘Am I making healthy choices as far as diet’ and things like that? I wasn’t in the best shape that I’d ever been in and living that retired life, right? You know? In the evening, what’s better than half-a-box of Cheez-Its? A whole box. So that would be my thing and then I started thinking, ‘Maybe I should make some physical changes and get back into shape and let me see if this can actually happen,’ and I started thinking do I want that to be the lasting memory people have of me, getting punted in a ten second match. The way that my career ended before never sat well with me as it was and I was like, ‘I need to get back in there. I need to finish it on my terms and do it my way’ and if it was just that one match, the Royal Rumble then so be it but I needed to end it on my terms so…

Christian says he found out he was going to be in the Royal Rumble two days before:

Yeah, well that’s a whole different thing. I found out at 7:30 on Friday night, so it’s kind of a whirlwind from there. In hindsight, it was like, man, I would liked to have a little more time, be able to get in the ring and things like that but then it also gave me — I was nervous when I got the call and I was like, ‘Oh, where’s my gear, where’s my tights? Where’s my boots?’ These are all things I have to find so once I found all those things and started piecing things together, there was no time to think. I had so much to do to prepare on Saturday and then, you know, went to the arena on Sunday and I was surprisingly calm for not stepping a foot in a ring for seven years. There was no nerves. It was like, ‘This is what I was born to do. There’s nothing to be nervous about.’ It’s second nature to me and I went out and — I haven’t it back yet. I’m afraid to watch it back because I don’t wanna see something that I didn’t like so, eventually I’ll watch it back and I’ll check it out but I haven’t yet.

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