**CHRISTMAS JINGLE CONTEST 2021** (Deadline 12/21)

As we approach the holiday season, that means the annual POST Wrestling Christmas Show and the annual Christmas Jingle Contest.

As usual, Wai Ting and I will be grading the jingles on the Christmas Show and announcing the winner at the end of the show.

Songs submissions can be posted in this thread with a deadline of Tuesday, December 21st at 10 a.m. Eastern.

We request that your submissions be limited to 90 seconds or under.

Put your own spin on a Christmas classic or create your own themed jingle and then tune in to find out if you are the winner of the Christmas Jingle Contest. Each submission will be played on the Christmas Show.

The Christmas Show will be released Friday, December 24.

Past submissions:


Merry Christmas guys. I’ve wanted to try this song for a couple years but my audio mixing skills just weren’t up to task. But this year I have given it my best shot.

But first, my yearly gift of stats.

2021 Podcast Lengths:
For the 4 main review shows (Rewind-A-Raw, SmackDown, Dynamite & Wai)
11 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes and 13 seconds (2020 was 12 days, 13 hours, 15 minutes and 26 seconds)

2021 Right Now’s over the 4 main podcasts listed above:
John - 112 (2020 was 485)
Wai - 309 (2020 was 809)
With the rapid decline from last year I am officially ending my count of ‘Right now’. Mentally I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop that phrase from triggering something deep within my brain. I am broken, but i hope you enjoy my song.

Dynamite ratings time is near
Weekly numbers to ignore or cheer
They’ve been good, but that can’t last
Hurry rights fee, oh hurry fast
Want a share of the key demo
Tony will tweet out a thank you memo
The viewership spreadsheet gets a weekly update
Oh Wrestlenomics explains it great

A WWE earnings call is near
Time for the profit of this quarterly year
Revenue was up from when reported last
But they’ll make more cuts fast
Nick Kahn announces a 10 year agreement
For a large scale international event
WWE competes with your sleep state
Oh Wrestlenomics explains it great


No love for last year’s competition (or winner).

2021’s submission incoming.

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Merry Christmas John and Merry Christmas Wai

Thank you for all your hard work and the hours and hours of content that you’ve given us in 2021. I’m sure 2022 will continue to see POST thrive and I wish you all the best. One of my POST aims for the year is to try call in to a show to actually converse with the two of you - something I’ve still not managed to do in the years and years of following you - time zones be damned!.

Anyway here’s my annual contribution, I assume over the many (many) years of this contest a version (or two) of this has already been done but hey, it’s a classic right?

All the best to you and your families
Imran from Huddersfield

Presenting - Walking in a Wai Ting Wonderland


The bell rings, John is present
Laura Nenetch’s class at Ryerson
He quickly looks round
A friend he has found
He’s walking in a Wai Ting Wonderland

Then they start, their reviewing
Aries crotch, gets them fighting
And with Unforgiven
3 attempts is a given
Walking in a Wai Ting Wonderland

After years the LAW is ending
John said Wai, a new beginning
Is it the SMC?
No, it’s Post Wrestling
Walking in a Wai Ting wonderland

In the spring they go to Wrestlemania
Spend all day together the go home
John says Wai, wanna hang?
He’ll say no man…
I think I’ll just go for a walk alone

Later on, they’ll conspire
To rewatch Great Balls of Fire
It’s heat has no fever
It gets an Amoeba
Walking in a Wai Ting wonderland

We Wish You All The Best In
We Wish You All The Best In
We Will You All The Best In…
Your Future Endeavors

Bad tidings we bring
To you and your fans
Tear up your new contract
And change all your plans

Oh, spare us your speculation
Oh, spare us your speculation
Oh, spare us your speculation
It’s prob’ly all true

We’ll blame “budget cuts”
A “rebuilding phase”
Then debut in AEW
In about 90 days

Creative’s got nothing for you
Creative’s got nothing for you
Creative’s got nothing for you
Even though, we just did

Head over to Impact
Or Japan, for a while
Then come back when you’ve learned
Our “main event style”

We Wish You All The Best In
We Wish You All The Best In
We Will You All The Best In…
Your Future Endeavors

Hey guys!
Good to see you again! For old time sake, I thought I should make my return to the Jingle Contest this year after a 3 year hiatus. I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Stay frosty!
Gaurav Kumar from Vienna, Austria

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Hello John, Wai and the whole Post Wrestling Family.

This is your champion speaking, Ian from the Best Film Ever Podcast

In 2019, it was “Too Much Wrestling”, in 2020 it was “The Rumble in the Thunderdome” but in 2021, I want to strip back the bravado and give a very sincere thanks to John and Wai. I immigrated to the UK from Canada about a decade ago and have relied on Post Wrestling (and the place before that) to keep me informed with the goings on in wrestling and beyond. As daft as it may sound, it’s a small comfort to know that there are friends who remind me of home waiting in my phone every morning for my commute to work. Thank you gentlemen.

With no further delay, I drop 2021’s submission: “John & Wai in the Morning”

John & Wai in the Morning

Now Monday Night has come again
3 hours to play, I feel dismayed
I’ll skip, I can’t watch Raw this way
I’ll catch John and Wai in the morning

CM Punk’s in the ring again
He signed today with Tony K
I hope ice cream bars are thrown my way
I’ll share with John and Wai in the Morning

Another talent release swathe
So many wrestlers been betrayed
What explanation can Nick Khan say?
I’ll catch John & Wai in the morning

It’s the Dragon vs Hangman Page
They’re the first ones up now, with no delay
Leave my thoughts on the forum page
For John & Wai in the morning

Now Kevin Owens is gonna stay
At least he’ll be with Sami Zayn
No Mount Rushmore, how is this explained?
I’ll catch John & Wai in the morning

It’s time to end my communique
90 seconds gives a lot of sway
Thanks for what you do every day
So I get John and Wai in the Morning

Congratulations @TheRemotePoint (Imran from Huddersfield)but also a massive well done to @Canadian.Bulldog. You had me laughing thoroughly on my Christmas commute.

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