Christmas Week NXT

Just watched this week’s NXT.

The main event was crazy entertaining. New angles were set up, and a very cool new development in the women’s division! All Hail! :metal::sunglasses::metal:

I avoid most NXT spoilers so I was quite satisfied with this week’s show.

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The main event made the show for me. The rest was pretty meh and I thought the angle with the women was done badly and left me a little confused as to what’s coming next, especially when I think back to Ember’s last defence and the developments after that match with the Iconic Duo and Nikki Cross; could we be seeing a six-way at the next TakeOver show?

… but then that four way main event was just so darned entertaining and had me so emotionally invested by the end. It did everything I wanted it to and more. Great stuff.

Anyone else notice Killian Dain was so hairy he gave Lars Sullivan rug burn on his neck and chest after that table spot :rofl:

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I believe what you thought was rugburn was actually bloodsplatter. Dain dinged his elbow after the dive outside and had a noticeable cut on it, when he did the diving spot onto Sullivan on the table I saw the red on Lars and thought at first he was bleeding too until I realised there was no cut - unless I’m severely mistaken that was Dain’s elbow leaking all over Lars…

I’m not sure which is worst to be honest; getting bled on or getting rugburn from a hairy man landing on me?

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