Ciampa: If I ever get to do 20 minutes on TV with Sami Zayn, I think people are gonna be blown away

Originally published at Ciampa: If I ever get to do 20 minutes on TV with Sami Zayn, I think people are gonna be blown away

Ciampa looking forward to the possibility of working with Sami Zayn.

Dating back to 2015, Ciampa competed for WWE via their NXT brand. He was signed in 2016 and had been a part of NXT until being called up to Monday Night Raw in April.

There are a new slate of talents for Ciampa to be in the ring with and one of the names he’s looking forward to hopefully sharing the ring with on the main roster is SmackDown’s Sami Zayn. Ciampa told WWE Deutschland that if he is able to get 20 minutes on TV with Sami, people will be impressed.

Sami Zayn, I can’t wait ‘till the day comes when him and I are put on a pay-per-view together because we’ve had now, a few matches in Milwaukee, Chicago, overseas in England and our chemistry is off the charts and he’s one of those guys, man, if I ever get to do 20 minutes on television with him, I think people are gonna be blown away.

While thinking about his career in WWE thus far, Ciampa thinks his most memorable moment was his entrance at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans before his Unsanctioned match against Johnny Gargano.

I’d say, picking one at TakeOver and there was no entrance music and stuff and I could really kind of take in the moment and just — you know, it’s just your entrance so you’re not really worried about performing or you’re not worried about the physicality or the bump or making sure things look good. You’re by yourself, there’s no music, you’re just listening to the crowd and you can just really take it in. There’s no pressure in that situation and that was one of the coolest receptions I ever had in my life.

Ciampa and Sami Zayn shared the ring together on four straight shows during WWE’s U.K. tour in November 2021. Ciampa defended the NXT Title against Zayn and current NXT Champion Bron Breakker in a Triple-Threat on that tour.

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