CJ Perry (Lana) enjoyed her feud with Nia Jax, thinks a live crowd would've enhanced it

Originally published at CJ Perry (Lana) enjoyed her feud with Nia Jax

CJ Perry reflects on her on-screen program with Nia Jax.

There were multiple times on WWE programming leading up to Survivor Series 2020 that Nia Jax would put CJ Perry (Lana) through the announce table. When the Survivor Series event rolled around, Nia told Perry to not get involved in the traditional 5-on-5 match but she ended up being the sole survivor for the Raw women’s team because Jax and Bianca Belair were counted out.

Perry has since departed WWE and during a virtual signing with Highspots Wrestling Network, she said she enjoyed her storyline with Nia and thinks a live crowd would have enhanced it.

And then Nia , I love my story with Nia and I really, really enjoyed working with her and she’s a tough b*tch and she’s vicious and I felt like I took that opportunity to prove that I’m a freaking tough b*tch too. I really enjoyed it, and I won Survivor Series, haha. Even if I was just standing there, you know?

I mean I definitely feel like the Survivor Series story with Nia, that I would’ve really appreciated to do live because I think certain stories react — is just better live. I think that whole thing with Rusev and ‘we want Lana’, that would have not started if wanted to create that, of her being jealous and I think her kicking me out of the ring would have gotten a boo and they would have gotten just more behind me and sometimes some things don’t resonate as well without the fans there so but, still exciting that I pissed some girls off that I won.

There was a point during CJ’s run with WWE when they told her to tone down the Russian accent on TV. She added that when she came back to TV for the story with Bobby Lashley, she was told to drop the accent.

There was a time when they thing, they wanted me to have no accent.

CJ Perry spent eight years with WWE and a great portion of that on-screen run was with her significant other Miro, who dropped the TNT Title to Sammy Guevara in September.

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I liked it. It was one of the few entertaining things on the show at that point. They were at least telling a coherent story.