Clark Connors excited about Karl Fredericks' venture into WWE, thinks he'll do great there

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Karl Fredericks heading to WWE, per report, is discussed by Clark Connors. 

One of the classes from New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s L.A. Dojo consisted of Clark Connors, Alex Coughlin, Karl Fredericks and Gabriel Kidd. 

All four talents graduated from the Young Lion system and present day, Karl Fredericks is a member of the WWE roster after signing with the company, per PWInsider.

Clark Connors spoke about the next chapter of Fredericks career’ while on The Shining Wizards podcast. He mentioned that Fredericks turned down a deal with WWE in the past. He feels Karl will do great there and everyone at the Dojo knew he would be the ‘the guy’. Connors jokingly stated that Fredericks could get in good with the powers that be and then they’ll have a spot for him (Connors) to join the company. 

It’s awesome (hearing Karl Fredericks signed with WWE)… I’m so happy for him. I think I might be more happy for him than he’s happy for himself even, because he originally turned down a WWE contract to train at the dojo. He was already ready to do that four years ago and Karl’s a little older than me, he’s like 32 right now or something, 31, 32, turning 33 maybe and I’ve always been like, ‘It’s your time dude. You gotta go there, you gotta make money and they’re gonna use you and respect you’ because he’s a phenomenal wrestler but he’s a phenomenal superstar, you know? Which is what they look for over there in my opinion. I think he’s gonna do really great things quickly so and then hopefully just cozy up close with the bosses, (has) a spot for me when I’m ready to rock (Connors laughed).

He was (the chosen one from the L.A. Dojo) and he’s the man, you know what I mean? And it was always nice because when we’re together, we all take inventory of each other in terms of — the four of us: Alex [Coughlin], Gabe [Kidd], myself, Karl — we’re very honest with each other about what we need to fix, what we need to do, who we are as wrestlers and we’ve always said that, the whole group obviously, Karl’s the superstar. He’s the guy we can see having an action figure and f*cking, on a box of Wheaties and sh*t, and that’s his role and so it’s always been that way and we love it, we’re excited for it.

In December, Connors wrapped up the Super Juniors Tag League tour. He stated that he does not know when he’ll be back in Japan for NJPW. Their ‘New Beginning’ tour starts this month

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