Classic or Eventful Wrestling Shows You Have Never Seen

This is inspired by the classic or great movies you have never seen thread. What are some classic or eventful wrestling shows you have never watched?

Here’s my list:

  • I have never seen Wrestlemania 1, 3, 25, or 26 in their entirety.

  • I have never watched the Finger Poke of Doom Nitro. It’s not a classic for a good reason, but definitely an eventful wrestling moment.

  • I discovered ECW at the tail end of its run in late 2000 and haven’t gone back to relive much of its history or events.

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This is a lot tougher and could be a much longer list than the classic movies people haven’t seen.

First, there’s a general agreement of what the great or biggest movies are whether its the AFI 100 greatest movies or the biggest blockbusters of all time.

Second, the barrier for seeing movies is much less. People either saw them in the theater for reasonable prices, on cable or could be rented fairly cheap.

Wrestling PPV’s have historically been anywhere from $25-$75 dollars. Even the biggest fans didn’t order every single one. And international shows have only been easily available for the last five years or so.

So I would guess most people probably haven’t watched many Wrestle Kingdoms or even WrestleMania’s. For example:

  • I haven’t watched a single full NJPW show because I don’t have NJ World. I’ve only seen individual matches.
  • I haven’t watched any of the AEW PPV’s because they cost too much.
  • I haven’t seen WM2, WM4, WM7-11, WM13 or WM27
  • I’ve watched <5 full WCW PPV’s and typically I only watched them for a Rewind-A-Wai.
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Several wrestlekingdoms and Chi Town Rumble stand out off the top of my head.

A few years back I forced myself to watch the very early manias that I hadn’t seen, it was a fruitless endeavour in the most part.

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