CM Punk announced for Starrcast III in August

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Starrcast has announced that CM Punk will be appearing at this summer’s convention over Labor Day weekend in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The convention announced Punk’s appearance for Saturday, August 31st through a video announcement with the tag line ‘Get to Starrcast’ or GTS. Punk is scheduled to be interviewed at the event along with meet-and-greets the same day.

In an interview with, event promoter Conrad Thompson and CM Punk spoke to the outlet about the announcement. In the story, it stated that Punk is only scheduled for Starrcast and not for All Out later that evening at the Sears Center.

So glad I decided not to attend starcast and just All Out. No interest in seeing this jerk

did he steal your girlfriend?

You can still go to Starrcast and not see him.


He’s just a jerk. Look what he did to Colt. Completely looks down on wrestling despite it making him a star. Worthless in UFC (literally I may have done better). Have zero interest In him

Honestly meeting wrestlers has never been my thing. I like watching shows but don’t need to see them in meet and greets

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It’ll be my first Starrcast. Really looking forward to those 4 days.

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