CM Punk comments on past talks with AEW, appearing in Chicago on 8/20

Originally published at CM Punk comments on past talks with AEW, appearing in Chicago on 8/20

While promoting his role as ‘Ricky Rabies’ in the upcoming series ‘Heels’, CM Punk (Phil Brooks) spoke to Sunday Night’s Main Event about his past talks with AEW and was asked about his future.

While speaking to Jason Agnew of the Sunday Night’s Main Event program, Punk was asked about past talks with AEW and why he didn’t join the promotion when it launched in 2019:

Yeah, I talked to Tony. You know, my perspective on this and I said this to Tony, to his face, was that I am a guy who has constantly heard, ‘Hey, I’ve got a money guy. Hey, I’ve got TV’. I’ve heard that at least once or twice a year for 15, 20 years of my wrestling career. I’ve gotten bounced checks from those gentlemen.

You watch that happen especially after ECW folded, everybody was restarting ECW, everybody was going to use the ECW guys – there was a dude named John Collins who did time in prison for bounced checks. It always seems that someone is going to start up and ‘Oh, we’re going to compete with Vince’ and I always thought that came from a bad spot because if you want to start up a pro wrestling company, I think you should always just focus on yourself. So, I more or less took a wait-and-see approach and I wasn’t, nor, I am not interested in pro wrestling in that respect. We’re here, we’re talking about ‘Heels’, it could be bad luck that this next role is set in the world of professional wrestling, but you know, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Punk was asked about Darby Allin and the “Best in the World” reference on a recent edition of Dynamite with Punk stating he was a fan of Allin and put over his diving abilities but said tongue-in-cheek that he thinks of Bryan Danielson when he hears “Best in the World”.

When asked about appearing on Rampage at The United Center on August 20th, he continued his tongue-in-cheek answers stating that was a potential screening of episode three of ‘Heels’ that night in Chicago but the schedule “is not confirmed yet”.

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— Sunday Night’s Main Event (@SNMEradio) August 11, 2021

Overall, it was a very effective way for Punk to give a wink to the viewer at home as he will have to navigate these questions while promoting the television series that debuts this Sunday on Starz.

The full interview is available on the Sunday Night’s Main Event site.


Considering how small Agnew’s show is, it’s amazing how he managed to catch this interview opportunity.

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As a big fan of breakdcrumbs and fan service in entertainment, this interview is very cool and continues some great hints along the road to the First Dance.