CM Punk destroys Bryan Alvarez


Everyone involved in all of this should be embarrassed. Nobody cares


Absolutely absurd.

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He’s almost more trouble then he’s worth.


Unless this is all some elaborate work, then yes.

Everytime the company he supposedly works for and wishes the best for, gets any positive news - he’s jumping out front to get the attention on him.


He probably just wants out…at some point Tony needs to accept the loss and just void his contract. Not worth the PR nightmare.

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This is incomprehensible.

Did these posts come before or after Punks posts?

What did Alvarez or Bixenspan supposedly say?

What does Maria have to do with it?

Am I the only one confused?


Your not the only one lol


So from what I can gather is that Punk has heat with things Bryan apparently said some 13 years ago, about Punk’s behavior in the WWE locker room? Punk was known to have had multiple relationships with different divas.

I don’t know. This is absolute insanity that Punk is out attacking people for comments that were 15 years old.


Uncontrollable anger is a medical condition. He needs help.

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Here is a great summary of the issues

BL -
Punk has all the power. TK will have to let him have his way in the end.


Yes that’s a good summary of the drama with Collision.

But it still doesn’t really explain what Alvarez or Bixenspan have to do with it.

Separate issues.

But for Punk, it’s all one in the same.

He gets hurt, he stays home, he hears people talking, he gets mad, he blows ups and burns bridges. Rinse, repeat.

Last time it was a press conference and fight. This time it’s a blow up over the new show / lashing out at reporters.


I think to make him happy reporters need to keep his name out of their mouth :joy:

He lost his mind also when people saw his wedding pics. For the sake of all involved they need to let Ace back as otherwise the show will be hurt.

Also makes you think why Punk was backstage at WWE more doesn’t it. Vince was smart to boot him. Hunter probably wouldn’t have



From drawing eyes to a new Saturday show perspective, I 100% get where you are coming from. And you’re right from that perspective.

From the perspective of a fictitious “AEW Employee” - something I’ll never, ever be - there is no way as an AEW employee, regardless of what I think of him as an individual, that I can believe or trust that Ace won’t have another outburst that jeopardizes the safety of innocent coworkers, which his alleged actions in the fight absolutely did.

Like I said back then in a now-deleted post - you can throw a chair in a wrestling performance, you cannot throw a chair in a room full of people in a workplace - be it employees, independent contractors, or visitors. It might be backstage of a wrestling promotion, but that area is an on-site workplace. That is a firable offense.

I get Punk’s loyalty, but this demonstrates Punk’s lack of understanding and perspective from an employer or employee relations perspective in the “real world”: only in wrestling can you literally endanger the safety of others outside of the wrestling performance and STILL keep your job. This would be a non-conversation in every other walk of life.

But Punk does know power dynamics well…he also likes money and getting his. Punk shows signs of being the “ethical egoist” from ethical philosophy. If Punk demands Ace be there, I’d tell him to hire him as a personal assistant. If I was in AEW, it’s a hard no on bringing Ace back in any form - he provides no value other than being an accessory to Punk, and he doesn’t need to be on AEW payroll to be Punk’s sidekick.

And this whole online/twitter situation is just…sigh…I don’t care. More evidence of some of the various issues that made me leave wrestling behind.


All of this said… It’s entirely possible that things have been worked out within AEW and Punk - and Punk is legitimately lashing out at people who are speculating their are problems still.

It’s completely possible that AEW wanted to hold off on the Punk announcement an additional week.

Kenny’s post show promo from last night definitely seems to sound like he’s referring to having hashed things out with Punk.

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And I hope for all involved that’s the case.

Money is involved. It’ll get sorted out. Everyone involved will get theirs.

Still doesn’t change my points. Still doesn’t change this is more evidence to stay away and maintain my distance from wrestling.

In the end, workers are gonna work: be it the man I consider my personal “23” of this industry or a super loyal ethical egoist solely focused on ensuring the maximum good and the pursuit of the best possible everything for him and his interests only, workers are gonna work.

Kenny may have hashed things out (or making references to that) but was never painted as the most aggrieved party in this situation, but when you place that in the tapestry of this situation, that’s one minor strand, but it also means Kenny can go from show to show. LOL. (And he should…)

But where there is smoke, there is usually something burning. I would assume a major corporation like WBD is going to do its best to ensure that all materials for their upfront presentations to advertisers - a sales pitch - are on point and don’t feature false information or spoil the content their selling (i.e. Punk’s return).

This also sets a precedence for major stars jumping in the future: Tony and AEW will give you what you want, the way you want it, if you are a big enough star.

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Historically I don’t think that’s any different than any other promotion ever. Vince with HBK, Brock and Hogan. Bischoff with Hogan. Etc, etc.

Personally I think this has all been ironed out and Punk is having a hissy fit because people are talking about him. If things fell apart he would be silent