CM Punk Favored Over Floyd Mayweather In MMA Fight?

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is listed as the favorite over Floyd Mayweather if the two were to ever compete in an MMA bout.

They’re both inexperienced in MMA, with Punk having just one UFC fight on his resume to Mayweather’s zero, but “Money” is the best at boxing.

The UFC already had a “normal” opponent for Punk lined up in 0-1 Mike Jackson, but interest for that bout was about as muted as muted could be. Ears perked up when Floyd’s uncle Jeff said “we might actually whoop his ass first,” While CM Punk got trounced in his UFC debut, he still has a couple of years worth of MMA training under renown coach Duke Roufus. Before that he was training jiu jitsu on and off as far back as 2014 and got his blue belt in December of 2017. He’s pretty low on the overall MMA totem pole, but still a mile above Mayweather.

That’s what makes Floyd Mayweather vs. CM Punk a fascinating contrast in skills and pretty much the only interesting fight for both men in the UFC. The most likely result of a fight between Punk and Mayweather is a quick submission win for Punk, but Mayweather does have some advantages of his own. He’s in phenomenal shape, and clearly has impressive athletic potential.

Who do you guys think has a chance of winning?

You’re asking if the 39 year old retired pro wrestler, with two years of MMA training and 0-1 record has even a shred of a chance against the 40 year old retired boxer, with over twenty years boxing experience and a 50-0-0 record (27 of which were won by KO)? In an MMA fight where punches are legal? Okay.


Punk will last less time than he did against Mickey Mouse

Changing disciplines is hard. Just because he was a world class boxer doesn’t mean that would transfer over to being able to fight mma. Rules are different and the gloves aren’t the same either. Also punk weighs like 50 pounds more than Floyd.

Usain Bolt was the best sprinter Ever. That doesn’t mean he can start challenging even decent high school milers.

Also motivation is a big factor. Where would Floyd’s motivation be for this?

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This isn’t a boxing match it’s mma, which Floyd has no experience in, he has never set foot in an mma ring, the gloves are different, kicking and grappling is legal in which cm punk has years of experience in. Given it’s a completely different sport CM Punk is favored over Floyd Mayweather in an MMA Fight.

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I love Punk and hate Floyd but seriously Mayweather would destroy him.

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There’s reaching…and then there is REACHING…

A guy with a 50-0-0 record in his 20 year career in boxing (including 27 KOs, I cannot stress that enough) will destroy an ‘mma fighter’ with less than 3 years MMA experience and a 0-1 record. No matter what arguments about grabbing or grappling or gloves you bring to the table, just the sheer fighting experience alone puts Floyd thousands of miles above Punk. There is no case.

How was I reaching? I never said Floyd would win or lose. I said changing disciplines would be hard.

In this case, I’d class any argument against Floyd winning as ‘reaching’.

Can Floyd stuff a takedown by a guy who outweighs him by what? 30 lbs? All it took Couture was a lazy ankle pick to get James Toney to play a tortoise until he tapped to a half assed choke.

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Stat Postin’

Couple of MMA odds:

McGregor -900
Mayweather +550

McGregor -160
Ferguson +130

Jackson -250
Punk +195

Boxing is a complete mismatch with MMA. People saying that he would destroy CM Punk are probably the same people that said McGregor would knockout Mayweather.


Two more years than Mayweather has

And Mayweather has almost 20 years more experience of combat competition and 27 KO’s under his belt, as well as being undefeated in his 50 fights. Does that not count for anything in this ridiculous comparison?

Also, Punk’s 2 years of MMA experience counts for little seeing as he only had one fight and lost in the UFC equivalent of a squash match. You can train for 2 years in anything and still be rubbish at it. I could train for two years in Judo but still get killed by someone with 20 years MMA experience in a Judo match.

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This topic is silly since it isn’t happening but let’s be honest. …Floyd could beat everyone from bantamweight up to middleweight or even light heavyweight from the UFC in a boxing ring, but even a scrub like Punk has the advantage in a cage, first off…Floyd loves clinching, can’t do that in the cage because his ass would be on the ground instantly. Employing the shoulder roll in MMA is very hard and I think I’ve only seen CB Dolloway employ it to mixed results. I’ve seen Mayweathers takedown defense against I want to say Cotto or Maidana and it was non existant…and who actually thinks he has ever grappled in his life? What submission defense would he have?

It’s two different sport…just because you’re great in one sport, doesn’t mean you’ll be great at another…Usain Bolt wouldn’t go into speedskating and beat the worst guy on the team.

Bell rings :bellhop_bell:

Round 1

Punk tries quick leg takedown. Mayweather manages to avoid because of his speed. They both dance around the ring in Mayweather fashion - Punk to scared to get rocked and Mayweather not wanting to get caught in a grappling match.

Round 2

Punk gets too close, Mayweather clocks him - lights out for Punk

Let’s see how close I am :slight_smile:

EDIT: if it ever happens

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